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  1. It's also a brilliant solution for using one motor to control two functions ;)
  2. Sokratesz

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    How many motors does it take to run that?
  3. Sokratesz

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    That ICE is really pretty :D
  4. Sokratesz

    making the LPEpower v8 from their video.

    That's what I was trying to say in the message you quoted, I wasn't referring to anything Paul did specifically, but others have done it. Not long ago someone tried to sell Pauls design as his own and he had all sorts of mumbo jumbo on the auction page.
  5. Sokratesz

    making the LPEpower v8 from their video.

    There have been ebay auctions of models 'copyrighted' by their owners and there was some hint towards that about the engines in question. But lets keep it at that. No hate :)
  6. Sokratesz

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    My long 7745: Haven't the space to put up a track unfortunately, and I still have to do some optimisation as even two motors have trouble pulling it :(
  7. Sokratesz

    making the LPEpower v8 from their video.

    Paul, you don't know me, but I have heard and read about you, and with all due respect I think you're overreacting. I've worked with Nathanael a long time ago at the first few Lego World expositions in Zwolle (NL), so I know a bit about the time and dedication it takes to create models like you do. But if you inspire others with great creations, people will mimic them, and there's nothing you can do about that. If they are willing to pay a few bucks to acquire the instructions to re-create your creations to the stud, more power to them. But charging for moc instructions should not be a given, and putting copyright next to a moc is cute, but ultimately futile. - Sok.
  8. Sokratesz

    2013 Train Sets

    You could make yourself a nice charging station with some 12v parts. Question is, how long would you have to charge the LEGO battery to get a decent run time?
  9. Sokratesz

    12v Pneumatic Train

    Nice one :) I built exactly this last fall but it would only run for a meter or so before the synchronisation between the pistons and the pneumatic switches broke :(
  10. Sokratesz

    Building Instructions by Me (Kyphur)

    I may steal your buffer design and adapt it to fit into my 12v collection ;)
  11. Sokratesz

    MOD: Train Turntable Platform

    Looks really neat! I've always wanted to build one myself but never considered using string to move the actual platform!
  12. Sokratesz

    Input for 7745 Double-Decker Car Needed Slightly modified attempt two, the colour scheme now looks sharper and more in line with the normal carriages. I think this might be a keeper, the roof line is also much less abrupt than in the first version, something I really like. *edit Pulled apart a 7725 carriage to build a second one:
  13. Sokratesz

    Input for 7745 Double-Decker Car Needed Attempt two, with the lower windows in red. The stripe looks quite nice IMO and the roof is better too.
  14. Sokratesz

    Input for 7745 Double-Decker Car Needed

    I'll build a different version later today or tomorrow :) I'm looking to build 2 of them for my extra long 7745 so I want it to look super nice ^^