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  1. dragonk1ng

    Jurassic World 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    The back of the box is also leaked, giving a view of the "play features." The back of the gate is basically a dollhouse with six rooms, each room representing an iconic scene from the movie. One of the rooms is just a toilet... And the set is named "Jurassic Park T-rex Rampage." Just my opinion, but the size of the T-Rex makes me think of all the T-Rexes currently sold by Mattel. I'm a big Jurassic Park fan, but with so many T-Rexes available for purchase, I'm not so sure if I want a brick-built one. Hence I'm in the group of people wanting a Visitor Center instead, but, hey, can't do anything about that.
  2. dragonk1ng

    [MOC] BRICKS & BLOOMS - Modular Garden Centre

    The moment I saw this featured on the front page, I thought it was an official set and was ready to throw money at it. The Tudor style really complements the gardening theme. Everything is so vibrant and is bursting with joy. I can stare at this forever.
  3. dragonk1ng

    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    That's very creative how you made the Sphinx's head to be minifig style!
  4. dragonk1ng

    10264 Corner Garage

    Not sure if anyone said this already, but it looks like it can convert easily into a hospital, especially when combined with elements from 60204. The ground floor can be the emergency area, the middle can be the doctor's office, and the top can be the recovery room. Just saying.
  5. Reminds me of Disneyland's Fire Station!
  6. dragonk1ng

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    If you search at Target, the sets might not be at the LEGO aisle as you would expect. My local Target says not in stock when I searched online, and I couldn't physically find the sets in the LEGO aisle. But, lo and behold, they were near the cashiers! Only saw the Great Hall and Quidditch sets.
  7. dragonk1ng

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    A 2017 episode on Family Guy mentioned a LEGO Hogwarts set.... Probably a coincidence though.
  8. dragonk1ng

    Post your own art

    Awesome vehicles, Commander Wolf! I especially like how the spaceships look aquatic. Now for my fellow Eurobrick members, I would like to share with you my art project: a poster depicting as many dinosaurs as possible (including other Mesozoic-Era creatures). Here is a preview: The colors are not final. I will change the Pachycephalosaurus and Ceratosaurus. And more creatures will be added throughout the course of my campaign. I follow this forum everyday (a quiet lurker) and know that some of you guys like dinosaurs, so I thought you might be interested in my project. It is currently on Kickstarter. As of right now, I admit my project needs a lot of awareness, but I don't want to spam strangers. I want to reach to those who would enjoy a fun poster. If you are interested in pledging, please leave a message telling me you are from Eurobricks. I will sneak in an extra poster for you. My Kickstarter page is here. And if you want to see a tiny fraction of my LEGO collection, you will see it in my Kickstarter video. I didn't realize until I edited it into my video Let's see if you guys can identify them!
  9. dragonk1ng

    MOC: HMS Atlantica

    I clicked on this thread, went to grab a cup of tea, came back, and went, "Wowwww!" It captures the charm of the Nautilus.
  10. dragonk1ng

    MOC - HMS Beagle

    Thanks for the info, Admiral Croissant! I will incorporate the double lids in my ship. And I have resized the images.
  11. dragonk1ng

    MOC - HMS Beagle

    Ahoy mateys! Here was my progress on the hull: And here is the LXF file, as requested: HMS Darwin hull.zip The hull is actually all brown; I was using the red lines for visual guide. It is built of 1x3, 1x2, and 2x6 plates, all bought from the pick-a-brick section at the LEGO Store throughout the year. The ship is 75% of minifig scale and is based on the blueprints of the Anatomy of the Ship series. The model is now in about the same phase as the LDD version. I will post more photos! :D Question: Are there such things as double lids for gun ports? Because that is what the book says...
  12. dragonk1ng

    MOC - HMS Beagle

    Hey guys. I am working on a replica of the HMS Beagle. I am aware that there is another version floating around somewhere... Anyway, I love ecology and evolution, so the HMS Beagle means a great deal to me. Here is a teaser showing the Digital Designer version. The physical version has progressed also, but I will upload the pics once I figure out how to use my Brickshelf account. Until then!