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  1. cdnlegofan

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    Yes! 100% in agreement :) Plus the play features for Uncharted could be pretty cool!
  2. cdnlegofan

    LEGO + IKEA !

    Probably going to be designed for the kiddies but AFOL inclusion would obviously be fantastic unlikely but who knows. I'm actually surprised this partnership didn't happen sooner seems like a great fit.
  3. cdnlegofan

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Modular by far I just the amazing designs, techniques and the ability to connect them all together to make your own city. I love the new parts and mini figures that come with them too. Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory was my first ever set so special significance/love for that line. Harry Potter oh and obviously the mini figure series!
  4. cdnlegofan

    Ideas for new City sets

    That was my first thought when that set came out too. I hope it does come back especially after a decade. Arctic just came out again for the second time in a 5 year period. I'm new to Lego so theres a lot I don't know but are the decisions to re release themes entirely based on popularity and sales? Harry Potter coming back is a good example of that but its its own theme is it because it falls under a sub theme? I would probably be most excited about the potential new animal molds. I'd love to get some of the old ones off brick link but they are just too darn expensive.