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  1. marci95

    Box to store lego technic parts

    Many Thanks, sounds good.
  2. marci95

    Box to store lego technic parts

    Hello everyone, what kind of boxes are you using to store your lego parts? I can not decide what kind and which one to get. Any recommendation? Greetings from germany.
  3. Sorry for posting here, but I am totaly confused, I really want to build this car. But where do I get the parts list and instructions? Do not know how anything works, sorry for asking here. The car looks so amazing <3
  4. Hello, I am looking for the part 4621555 but transparent. I want to change the two panels over the engine of the porsche gt3 rs so I can see it. Are there any panels like this? Greetings
  5. marci95

    Hello Hello <3

    Hello everyone, my name is Marc-David, I am 23 from Germany. I just started recently with with lego technic with the Porsche GT3 RS, now I am totaly hyped and want to build many cars from the hall of fame. When I was a child, I builded mostly lego Star Wars. In my freetime I like reading, lego technic, computer games, cars, and riding my motorcycle. Nice to meet everyone. Love from Germany.