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  1. As infuriating as it is, there’s probably a lot of truth in this.
  2. This lack of detailing is really starting to become offensive. I can’t believe how much more detailed the Overwatch line is than the last year+ of Marvel. It’s like someone at LEGO really hates the Superheroes Theme. :(
  3. Edit: Comment removed to keep the peace.
  4. A potential Peter Parker minifigure.
  5. Hey mister condescension: You know, it’s almost like this is a forum for adult collectors to have open discussion. If Lego can cater to all ages with the Star Wars theme, there’s no excuse to only target kids here. Especially when most comics fans are aging into adulthood. Kids are a lot smarter than they’re given credit for. We shouldn’t have to accept less (i.e. constant repeats, nonsense builds, no leg printing, etc.) because someone decided that kids won’t care about that sort of thing and will be happy with whatever they get.
  6. You’re entitled to your opinion but i’ll never be able to understand this viewpoint. You only need ONE of each character to display. If the new one is better, the old one becomes pointless. If the the new one is worse or the same then it’s pointless. Why on Earth would you want to keep spending money on the same thing over and over again!? Why!? It’s like wanting a band to rerelease the same album over and over again. Or watching the same movie a hundred times. It might be a great movie, but you’ve seen it enough. How are you not getting tired of the same songs or the same scenes!?!? This just doesn’t make logical sense. You already have a perfectly good vulture. Why do you need another one?!
  7. Yep, great. Just what we need - yet ANOTHER pointless variant. Can’t wait to display my “guy in normal street clothes” minifigure on my superhero shelf...
  8. Spider-Man 2099 is an alternate future (read: not-in-continuity) character with several short-lived mini-series. Spider-Gwen debuted in 2014 as an alternate reality Spider-Man and was only kept around due to a small cult-following. Both are ABSOLUTELY D-List characters. C-List at best. And we’ve already had a perfectly acceptable Miles Morales (AND Carnage) in a better set (the SAME set) $8 cheaper less than 3 years ago. The point remains the same - ENOUGH WITH THE UNNECESSARY VARIANTS AND REMAKES! There are 1000s of characters in the Marvel Universe and we keep getting the same tired rehashes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I cannot understand how people are doing backflips over the same tired thing being released over and over and over again! How many Spider-Mans do you need!? How many people are displaying multiple versions of the SAME character (Iron Man aside)? They want to flood us with variants, fine. At least give us new villains and good builds. How does it make any sense that they keep pumping out alternate reality versions of Spider-Man and suit variants when we’re missing more than half of his CLASSIC villains!? We could get Mysterio, Lizard, Kingpin, Tombstone, or any number of non-Spider-Man villains and heroes that are a hell of a lot more important than Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Gwen. But the repeats are the biggest issue. New is ALWAYS better than a variant. ALWAYS.
  9. I think that the criticisms and frustration several members have expressed at these sets is more than warranted. An entire wave of sets that look like recycled Ninjago ideas, with builds that do not make sense “in universe”, and only TWO new characters (both of which are d-list alternate reality Spider-Man variants) is beyond disappointing. The ONLY good thing about this wave is the Sandman redesign and Vulture’s wings. Literally every other figure has been done before and done better. Such a waste. Such an incredible waste.
  10. I would kill for Baron Zemo, Kang, and a comic-based A.I.M. Soldier.
  11. Yeah, I’ve never missed a set since LEGO partnered with Marvel but I’m skipping* this entire wave. What a massive slap in the face to those who’ve been collecting all along. Nothing but variants** and remakes. The rumored sets were infinitely better than this waste of cash. Thousands of characters and we get these!?!? * Might BrickLink Sandman ** Including 2099 and Spider-Gwen
  12. We already got Ultimate Green Goblin (as a big-fig) in a 2014 set.
  13. This wave is almost nothing but unnecessary variants. Such a waste.