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  1. For anyone bashing the classic look of the A.I.M. Scientists, why are you here? There are a million generic goons across any number of themes that LEGO produces. If you hate the source material, go find something else. I get that this is the (poor) look chosen by game designers but LEGO could have opted for something recognizable. Game relevance or not, this design is terrible. Yeah, the comic designs are goofy... so is every. single. superhero outfit. Why lose the flare here. This wave is the epitome of disappointing design. I would take goofy classic A.I.M. costumes over this generic Ultra-Agents design any day of the week. And since LEGO is mass producing them for multiple sets (ala the QR suits), can we get some damn leg printing. Jesus. Does LEGO have a policy against new molds for the Marvel theme now?
  2. I am well aware. And cheated that after nine years, instead of the iconic look, we got that throwaway, generic game design.
  3. Oh my god, what the hell! Seven years and STILL no leg printing for Cap. Those A.I.M. scientists look NOTHING (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) like their comic book counterparts. It really feels like the designers at the LEGO group hate the Marvel line. This is an abomination of a wave. I’m furious. Why the hell were they not included in the first place?! So many variants, half-assed designs, and F-list characters while hundreds of the best characters sit unmade. The LEGO Group could not do a worse job with this theme if they tried.
  4. The disappointment being expressed is how I felt with last year’s abysmal Spider-Man wave but this might actually be worse. The number of variants LEGO keeps dumping out fot the same tired characters is honestly insulting. Marvel has hundreds of characters and we’re getting our third Venom, fifth Doctor Octopus, and fourth Vulture, to say the least. We’re on repeats from ten months ago now! Who the hell is designing these sets! ALSO, we’ve waited YEARS for A.I.M. minions and LEGO couldn’t be troubled to make a helmet mold- their most defining characteristic! What the absolute hell were they thinking and why do the sets get worse with each passing year?!?! To add further insult to injury, they’re only putting 1-2 figures in most sets now! All those wasted slots. It’s like they’re trying to spite collectors who don’t want to eat the same cheap hamburger 100x. This might be the point where I jump ship. I would never have started collecting again if I knew the LEGO group was gonna throw this theme in the trash. Screw this.
  5. Real fans of the theme right here. 🙄 Why should Marvel fans have to get crappy sets so other themes can thrive. Let some other line take the quality hit for once.
  6. It’s a negative cycle - LEGO won’t invest in the new sets as they aren’t selling as well but they aren’t selling as well because the dumbing down is turning off some kids and adult collectors.
  7. I’m gonna echo the thoughts on here. Worst overall wave since 2012, hands down. 2019 has not been a good year for the Marvel Superheroes license, between reused minifigures and builds, printing reduced to ridiculous extremes, and gross oversimplification in builds. It really feels like LEGO is abandoning AFOLS in complete favor of the 4+/Juniors group. As a final complaint, although probably not LEGO’s fault, there is NOT ONE new character in the entire wave. Not a single one. Nothing but variants. So, so disappointing.
  8. Yeah, how dare some of us expect quality and minifigures that look like they weren’t designed in the 80s. This mindset is what allows lego to profit off of putting in the bare minimum amount of effort. A Big Mac is technically food but don’t compare it to a steak.
  9. Can we FINALLY get some leg printing?!
  10. The boot design is a lot different between the two characters. The complaints people have are that LEGO was making figures with more detail in 2002. They skimped hard on this set... which appears to be the new standard, unfortunately. We seem to be on a steady downward trend. First, extras like arm printing and dual-molding went away. Then, leg printing (which has been around FOREVER) got cut. Now they’re dumbing down the torso prints. It’s perfectly understandable to be frustrated how screwed over this theme keeps getting.
  11. For the first time in a long while, the build is better than the minifigures. Still, it almost looks like Lego is toning down detail on the torso printing too. God these figures are bare.
  12. Really a shame we couldn’t get a Kree instead of a THIRD Nick Fury. Probably never get made now.
  13. Saw the new Spider-Man sets at Target in Central, Pennsylvania. First time since the launch of the Marvel line that I’ve passed on any set but ... these are just bad. Three new minifigures (one of which is a civilian) out of sixteen, a continued decrease in printing, and more ugly, nonsensical “spider-vehicles”. What an absolute waste of the license.
  14. As infuriating as it is, there’s probably a lot of truth in this.
  15. This lack of detailing is really starting to become offensive. I can’t believe how much more detailed the Overwatch line is than the last year+ of Marvel. It’s like someone at LEGO really hates the Superheroes Theme. :(