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  1. davidwilsonwong

    Lego May 2018 Store Calendar

    how about those new technic and trains
  2. davidwilsonwong

    Lego bulk order form

    so where to buy bulk lego parts cheaper?
  3. davidwilsonwong

    LEGO Mindstorms and European Inventor Award

    thanks for sharing these links
  4. davidwilsonwong

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    if the set is really good, then buy 2 (the other just for keep)
  5. davidwilsonwong

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    My main interest is Technic
  6. davidwilsonwong

    Building large scale MOCs?

    use acrylic to make the display box
  7. davidwilsonwong

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    minions , transformer GUNDAM
  8. davidwilsonwong

    LEGO + IKEA !

    hope this will happen in ASIA too
  9. davidwilsonwong

    Lego Calendar Father’s day promo

    great sharing ^^
  10. davidwilsonwong

    LEGO printing website

    i think u can buy a UV printer to do that
  11. davidwilsonwong

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    i only allow 0 PM a day ><
  12. davidwilsonwong

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    can you sharing your 31070 Porsche LDD files to me? please ^^