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  1. Thank you @Frenk512 you are my hero
  2. @Frenk512 I still cannot manage to recreate your docking rings could you please somehow provide some information on how to build the actual ring? I think i figured the mount on the ship out. But the docking ring itself is a big question mark :D It looks awesome and I wish to add it to my falcon Thanks
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. @Frenk512 How did you mount the docking rings to the ship? And how did you manage to fit those arm pieces in those 1x2 plates?
  5. In fact i can't figure out what @bricksmarlin did at these connection points. If somebody could help with this?
  6. Hello I am new to eurobricks and just finished my falcon. I am amazed by all of your creations and pictures provided. I will improve my falcon based on some of your ideas. @bricksmarlin could you please provide some additional information on your engine mod. It is just on point and really impressive. How does it attach to the ship especially in the middle section. And how do you keep it stable from underneath? Thanks a lot.