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    MOC Recycle Centre

    I tried to add more pictures but would only allow one :(
  2. snowboarder68

    MOC Recycle Centre

    Here a moc I’ve just designed I did it to encourage children to recycle more Snowboarder68
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    Hi I'm new here, I build lots of Lego Projects and submit them on Legoideas, Bricklink etc So thought Id join here and chat in the forums as well :) Come say Hi Snowboarder68
  4. snowboarder68

    Dads Shed Hope you all like my latest project Snowboarder68
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    Thankyou ;)
  6. snowboarder68

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I so want this :)
  7. snowboarder68

    Earthquake in Cologne

    This is awesome :)
  8. snowboarder68

    Help with Digital Renders

    Oops Thanks for putting me right lol I'm getting old you know lol
  9. snowboarder68

    Help with Digital Renders

    I use off bricklink website to build my projects and it has built in rendering :)