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  1. BrickHeadz_de

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Set #41631 will be from Fantastic Beasts including Newt Scamander and another unknown character. I guess it will me Niffler.
  2. BrickHeadz_de

    My MOC Brickheadz

    Great MOCs! I like Ant-Man and Wasp the most! I'm working on some BrickHeadz MOCs too. Will post them in the forum when I'm done! Regards from germany, Jens
  3. BrickHeadz_de

    Hello from germany!

    I had to change my URL and Sitename due to LEGO trying to claim the rights on the word "BrickHeadz" and on the logo... New link: @Holodoc Any possibility to change my account name to ""? ;) Regards from germany, Jens
  4. BrickHeadz_de

    Hello from germany!

    Hello everyone, My name is Jens, 31yr old, father, husband and accountant by profession. I'm a passionated BrickHeadz collector and I used my passion to do my own blog all about BrickHeadz. Feel free to take a look! Regards from germany, Jens