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  1. TrainDragon

    Source for wheel friction bands?

    I think I may give this one a shot. Have you tried it before? I found some that look potentially interesting online. But as they are made for hair, most of them don't really advertise the actual dimensions... Maybe I'll order some and hope for the best.
  2. TrainDragon

    Source for wheel friction bands?

    Ahh, yes. Those previous threads are likely where I'd seen the o-ring idea. They work, but I don't love them aesthetically. (Plus as I mentioned, the ones I had did eventually begin to degrade) I was hoping someone would have suggestions for something more similar to the clear ones that come on the wheels by default now. I'll keep searching!
  3. TrainDragon

    Source for wheel friction bands?

    I thought there was a topic about this, but I couldn't find one by searching... Does anyone have ideas for suitable replacement bands for the standard powered train wheel? Part 55423. Ideally in trans-clear, and silicone -- I've tried using rubber o-rings for wheels before and they slowly dry-rot and crack.
  4. TrainDragon

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I think the Technic hub is fairly huge, though. 8 wide by itself, I believe. So, difficult to design around.
  5. TrainDragon

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Remember the AFOL Designer Program sets that BrickLink did last year? With Lego's recent acquisition of BrickLink, that sort of partnership would be a great way to produce low sales volume sets like rolling stock for this loco.
  6. TrainDragon

    7740 power functions

    The 2x2 brick should fit through the 1x2 opening (sideways). If the IR receiver, battery box, etc, are not quite fitting in your train, you might consider the new Powered Up version. The motor connects to the battery box on the side instead of the top, and you won't need to worry about the big IR receiver either as it works over Bluetooth. I also stumbled onto this site after I posted. I don't know anything about them but they look like they are based in Europe, which would probably be much faster/simpler delivery than the US one.
  7. TrainDragon

    7740 power functions

    You could order a 6x28 with the 2x2 holes from BrickLink, part 92339. But I just checked a PF motor cable and it fits through the 1x2 hole in part 4093. Maybe I'm not understanding your problem, but it seems to me that what you already have should work without needing to be drilled? The stickers, you can get replica stickers for the set and put them on whatever parts you choose. I found these stickers from OKBrickWorks for your set on eBay.
  8. TrainDragon

    Iso train collisions 6938 vs 60197

    What is that crossing track?
  9. TrainDragon

    MOC of a Lionel Icing Station

    This is very nice, thanks for sharing.
  10. TrainDragon

    Trains forum banner

    This link to a discussion on the pirate forum suggests a size of 1920x200. Looks like the picture will be center cropped for users with smaller screens, so items at the center of the image will be preserved with the edges being discarded. Current in-use banner images appear to be a mixture of PNG and JPG.
  11. I've put the design files up on my GitHub now.
  12. TrainDragon

    FREE! 3d Printed Parts and FREE! Wide Radius Curves+Wheels

    @Henry 991, wow, those are beautiful wheels. I never would have guessed they were 3d printed!
  13. I ordered the parts from AliExpress and made my own. You'll need to order both the grey female socket and the black cable with "crystal" connector. They work fine for me, but the crystal connectors seem to be veeeeeeeeeeery slightly larger than the official Lego ones. They insert into the socket fine, but require a bit more force to remove than the official Lego connectors. I made this circuit board to hold the socket and cable. Cost me only $1.25 for three boards. OSHPark is an American company so I'm not sure what the economics would be for you to order boards from them to Europe, but I will try to post my board files on Github later today so you can use any manufacturer you want. This design is a straight-through extension. If you wanted to reverse the polarity, you'd simply swap the M1 and M2 wires when soldering the cable to the board. I've also designed this splitter to easily connect two train motors to one hub port, with jumper wires to select whether they should run in the same direction or opposite. However, I just ordered the boards yesterday, and won't receive them for a few weeks. So this design is untested, still.
  14. TrainDragon

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    @Phil B, how is the power from these? I have played with a couple of LiPo "9V" batteries. One type worked fairly well, and the other was seemingly unable to provide sufficient amperage -- the train was very weak and sluggish with that battery. I've ordered two more of the brand that worked well, but they're coming from China so that'll be quite a while...
  15. TrainDragon

    Rechargeable battery alternatives

    I don't think we'll find much in the way of chargers that narrow, unfortunately. The market is dominated by 18650 cells, which are 18mm diameter x 65mm length. So probably the narrowest you'll ever find will be 18mm + a bit of case, so maybe 20-22mm? That would still fit in a 3-stud-wide space, so could be feasible for some designs.