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  1. michald69

    [APP] BrickController2

    Oh, I see. Well, I have to spend more money... My wife will kill me. Thanks @imurvai! :)
  2. michald69

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi All, I have, probably, strange question. How can I connect the Xbox One S pad with the BrickController app? Is it possible at all? My phone is iPhone with iOS v.12.1.2
  3. WOW, truly amazing work... Hats off to @Didumos69! :)
  4. So, it's kind of makeshift right now.
  5. Hi @Anto, Great work, really! Finally, I build the buggy yesterday and it's looks amazing and it's fast as hell! :) But...there is one, a really big problem. Please, check the attached file. When the buggy has few collisions, for example with wall, or I'm speeding up and immediately go back, then real axle is disconnected from rest of the car. Did you have the same issue?
  6. Could you share this email with me, if it's not a problem?
  7. @Didumos69, your model is incredible fabulous! I will build it with a pleasure, but I have to wait for a more precise instructions, because I don't have a lot of experience in such a complicated lego builds. I'm curious, when you provide the instructions?