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    Captain Blue Hair drives a pink scooter!
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    I am interested in many historical periods such as WWII, WWI, Russian Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, Wars of the Coalitions, Medieval, Anglo Saxons, Romans etc

    There are a lot of other interests but I could write for hours.


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    Rule Britannia!
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About Me

Welcome. I see your reading my page. Well, I'll try make it interesting for you.

I'm Laurence Ferrett, I live in Surrey, London, UK. I am extremely interested in History and Lego (Of course).

My minifigure personality is Admiral Joey Lock. I started back in 2007.

Anywho, I started my Lego Pirates interest running about for a cheap ship, never did find one. My first pirate ship was in fact a Clone Black Seas Barracuda from "Enlighten Brick". I didn't much care it was a clone, it still worked the same as the Lego one, despite peoples extreme fear of clone bricks 'infesting' their Lego collection, a toy is a toy, if you don't want clone bricks in your collection give it to a child who would!

However my love of Lego goes back years from when I was a kid, one of my previous loves was my first Lego City, obviously it looks like a dump but to me it was home: http://i92.photobuck...kan/city003.jpg

However I began to search Brickshelf and found some interesting inspirations. Yet I had moved out of City and into Sci-Fi. I tried to build a spaceship, that failed, so I moved on to Pirates. That was when I found Eurobricks.

I snooped around for a few months before I decided to join, over my Eurobricks life many interesting things have happened, good and bad. Yet, I've throughly enjoyed being part of it. The arguments, the jokes, etc

UPDATE: I lost interest in LEGO for about the last two years, sort of went through my own 'dark age' and began to get interested in other things, haven't even bought a LEGO set in about two years however after I had to dismantle the HMS Unicorn because I ran out of room, I guess that is what caused me to lose interest. Anyway, in future I hope to completely revamp the HMS Unicorn, making it large and more 'user friendly' so no hollowed interior with makeshift supports, I plan to make each deck detailed and have the ability to remove each deck in order to actually use the ship rather than it being a 'statue' just to look at. It'll cost a lot for the parts and be pretty difficult to fit anywhere at the moment so it's more of a 'future' project.

Add me on Facebook if you would like too: