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  1. This model looks freaking great! Now I just need to find the time to finish up the northern I'm doing and start on my own AC-9.....
  2. Holy cow! Is it bad to say I want one? I wonder how hard it would be to swap to the oil fired configuration the class had later in life? Just a tender swap and greeble changes around the firebox or something a bit more extensive?
  3. Holy Cow! Beautiful AC-9! Curious that you went for the original coal fired configuration, you really don't see much of that.
  4. High_Admiral

    Grey Ridge 4-6-0 no. 26

    That looks fantastic!
  5. Kinda curious how you'd fit 7 minifigs into that coach.
  6. High_Admiral

    Virginian 2-8-8-8-4 Triplex (Version 4)

    You've outdone yourself once again, great work on the Triplex!
  7. First off, gorgeous model of a nice early streamliner. Secondly, regarding the drivers on the two Pacifics that powered the real train. It looks to me that they were actually custom designed disc drivers fitted to the pair durng the rebuild. Here's a picture of one of the two Pacifics that powered the streamliner, after the large shroud was removed. All I see that those drive wheels are needing is a bit of white or silver paint! I'm not an expert in the part designing world, but it actually might be easy for the 3rd party driver guys to take a boxpok and modify a copy of it to actually fit the design of the irl prototype's discs. Anyways, still a great looking model, can't wait to see what you do in the future.
  8. High_Admiral

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    To be honest, as I’m planning on incorporating the bearing wheelsets from BMR(or whoever makes them can’t remember), having a 9v pickup version of those would be usefull
  9. Getting into Lego trains, especially the aftermarket parts like Trainedbricks and BrickTrax, is nearly as expensive as O-Scale models if the Lego model is detailed enough. It is honestly comes down to your choice on which medium of model railroading you choose.
  10. High_Admiral

    [moc] DM&IR ore jenny

    Looking good!
  11. High_Admiral

    Custom Rod - No, not what you think

    I personally would love to see bigger wheels for the rear, most hot rods did have larger/wider rear wheels. Regarding engine block size, I know that EMD had 20-cylinder blocks powering their SD45 and SD45-2 among other engines (Found this on the internet, absolute monster of a engine if I say so myself) This seems to be the largest amount of cylinders put into a single block for a loco from what I can tell.
  12. High_Admiral

    Custom Rod - No, not what you think

    The Left design really sells the hot rod look, mabye add some flames shooting out of fake/real(but rerouted to be more hod rod like) exhaust.
  13. High_Admiral

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    That's a mighty fine lil loco done up in a nice grey! One of these days, I might try my hand at the big DMIR Yellowstones, this build is surely driving me in that direction!
  14. High_Admiral

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    iirc, Tony Sava did the DMIR Yellowstone in Dark Bluish Grey, which looks freaking great. I would recommend that .
  15. High_Admiral

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    It looks like it could've been from this picture. The fittings and cab do have a higher contrast from the boiler jacketing so I'd say its highly likely that they ran in grey jackets for awhile