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  1. High_Admiral

    Picking up the pieces. Pneumatic train 3 years later

    Looks good! Glad to see you back, looking forward to seeing new exploits in the pneumatic fields.
  2. High_Admiral

    Southern Pacific J1 #1111

    Well, after a few frustrating days of rebuilding half of the power train in this and removing piping everywhere(because either I haven't figured out how to flextube in Studio or it doesn't do that anyways), she loks good, even with the suspension raising the body up a plate from where it should be.
  3. High_Admiral

    Controlling a crossover

    Interesting. How well does this work?
  4. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    Thanks! I did try the red buffer beam, but it just stood out too much against the BR Blue I chose. If I do a BR green or LNER Green, I might paint the beam red. One of the things I just laughed over when I finished the thing is the part count and how little it was over the part count of 10194. Granted, 10194 has much better playability where mine is built to run well and look good (plus I did rush the add on Mk1 and it wasn’t as good as I liked, design wise)
  5. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    And after a few minutes of tinkering today, I got this beauty. I'm starting to like Studio, might try importing the big one in tomorrow and seeing how that comes out........
  6. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    Thanks! It’s always awesome to have someone who knows what they’re doing answering some questions when you’re learning a new program!
  7. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    The drivers are on backwards to simulate the Big ben Bricks XL drivers I'll be putting on her when she's actually built. The flange on the Lego drivers are about the same diameter as the XL Blind drivers so they make a pretty good facsimile. Hopefully, I can get the actual XL Driver part files to work on Studio here soon so I can actually post a proper picture of her. (They're in the program, just nothing's connecting to them, don't know why....) .
  8. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

  9. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    No I haven't, Where can I find Studio?
  10. High_Admiral

    [MOC] Central Pacific 4-8-0 "Mastodon"

    Nice Work!
  11. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    Actually, I did build in a small bit of play into the pony truck so that that particular issue from the EN was negated a bit. The trailing truck, however, will be a small problem and one that I hope I can fix when I finally build this IRL.
  12. High_Admiral

    LNER A3 #2577 "Night Hawk"

    Greetings Members of the Train Tech Forum! After the debut of my first creation on this site, I hit a bit of a slump in inspiration. However, when Redimus posted his rendition of the A3 class "Humorist", inspiration struck likea bolt of lighting striking a steak held up on a fifty foot tall steel pole in the middle of a thunderstorm. So before I start showing off the "Night Hawk", a quick thank you to Redimus for his excellent A3 and inspiring me to attempt my first British Locomotive ever. Night Hawk was first brought into service on October 24, 1924 as a LNER Class A1. She operated in this configuration until January of 1944 when she was rebuilt into a Class A3. In her A3 build, Night Hawk served LNER and British Railways until she was scrapped at Doncaster on May 9,1963. I've depicted Night Hawk as she appeared in her later years, complete with the vacuum exhaust ejector pipe on the left side of the boiler(signifying that she was converted to left hand drive compared to the original right hand), the German style Smoke Deflectors, and the Double Chimney. I decided to paint her in BR Blue, mainly because I like the color. Night Hawk was designed with multiple Lamp Irons to allow multiple lighting configurations( Including one where all three on her buffer beam and the one where the headboard attaches are filled) on both the engine and back of the tender. Speaking of that, I did go for the later more streamlined tender, but I chose the non-corridor version. The Headboard is also removable, allowing the engine to be able to sport many different train names. Say you don't want your A3 to be pulling the Flying Scotsman, with a quick change, it could be pulling The Coronation or The Aberdonian ! One thing I did leave off of my A3 was the nameplate over the middle splasher. As much as I wanted to put that in, the curved plate that the Hogwarts Express and Redimus uses for their plates isn't in LDD(Although I wish they still updated the thing so that people still using it would have an updated parts list.....). Now onto the guts of this model. As you can see, Night Hawk is powered by a single L motor geared to her first and third axle. Unfortunately, I didn't put in a cab interior which made it easier to route wires to the IR Receiver. As you can see, the IR Receiver pokes out of the tender and somewhat neatly camouflages with the coal. To access the power button for the Battery Box, Just pulling up on the water cap will pop the cap and the rest of the deck there off and the button will be right there. Well, that's about it. Night Hawk was designed and built from the ground up in about three days(let's hope that I didn't screw up anything), and the BR Mk1 in a day. Nothing really special about the MK1, and it was really built as a set piece to put behind this loco. Parts wise, Night Hawk has enough parts in her to equal the Emerald Night set total(Night Hawk is about 20 parts more), PF included. This means that one could reasonably estimate her "set price" to be about the same. And speaking of Emerald Night, I'll leave you all with this. Until Next time!
  13. High_Admiral

    [MOC] Boston & Maine wooden caboose

    Looks great!
  14. High_Admiral

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Very Nice!
  15. High_Admiral

    Santa Claus is on his Fe

    Nice work! Any chance of seeing a F-Unit(or even an E-Unit) companion for ol ‘49 btw?