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  1. Nico71's Creations

    Waow ! Great model, great attention to details an i realy like the way you've made the curves of the car it look very real. At first glance didn't think the doors could be opened ! Nice job with these. Way better than the official technic set !
  2. Christmas Special Model

    Original and Fun ! Merry Christmas
  3. Balin's Tomb - Mines of Moria [MOC]

    Nice work ! Seems very accurate to me : scale, broken wall, stairs etc... Keep on, can't wait to see it finished !
  4. Nice tank! Would like to see a video of it
  5. What a car ! The design is really great with these curves and the black roof !!!
  6. Good job! the crane's lifting power is quite impressive !
  7. Grohl's Creations

    It seems so fun to drive!!
  8. Sport Buggy

    Thank you for your comments !! It's really encouraging for the future I love the name "snowflake", it pefectly fits the model ! For the steering transmission I tried to use two 12 tooth gear simple or double bevel but a straight axle leeds directly into the engine... It should be possible to make it that way with 1 or 2 stud more for the wheelbase.
  9. Hi, I would like to present my first MOC! It's a small buggy with a flat2 engine, rear suspension & differential and HOG steering. I've been inspired by a old set I own : 8408 Desert Ranger. The Chassis uses the same concept as a real car : it doesn't include drivetrains. You can disassemble them very easily. It was a small challenge to include a supsension system at the rear due to the small room available. The new differential is quite close to the ground but I just couldn't make the model without it ! Studless design makes it 1 stud less in width, the wheelbase stays the same. More pictures available here. Thanks for your comments Yipeeka.