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  1. Nice mod! i always enjoy when it adds some new fonctionnality 😄
  2. Lfm55

    [MOC] ISD Monarch

    l really like the little color highlight of the hull! looking forward for the instructions
  3. Lfm55

    [MOC] ISD Monarch

    Wonderful isd! Any idea about the price for the 11k pieces?
  4. As the porg, the y-wing and cloud city from last year maybe?
  5. I did exactly the opposite 😉 i first build it without any mod because i wanted to enjoy the official model build. then i modded it how i wanted it but then i could see if anything was in the way of the panels.
  6. Lfm55

    REVIEW: 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    With a grey background it will be easier to not burn the whites on the mf, you’re right. but for the gaps, actually it looks the same on the 75105 (i checked) i suppose it’s the white that makes them more visible.
  7. Lfm55

    REVIEW: 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Nice review! Not really my taste but were the gap between the panels so big in the 75105? i sold it when i got the ucs one but i don’t remember those gaps..
  8. Lfm55

    ucs scale between falcon and TIE

    I think the System scale xwings are almost the same scale as the ucs falcon. the tie fighter are all too big except maybe the last 4+?
  9. Lfm55

    [MOD] Simple X-Wing Modifications (75218)

    You can check this topic too for some other mods :
  10. Lfm55

    75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter cockpit mod

    A hundred times better than any stickers!
  11. Lfm55

    [MOC] Death Star - Revenge of the Sith

    Old topic but i really love your Moc! That pixel art DS is wonderful
  12. 1007 pieces if i understand well. check stonewars.de
  13. Lfm55

    [MOC] my first try for an AT-ST

    Thanks for the feedback! Still work in progress but i reworked the legs as advised. I used some hinge on them so i can get lateral angle. i also did a stronger connexion between the head and legs, and began with the interior. _MG_0210 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0213 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0216 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0217 by m H, sur Flickr
  14. Hi all, as this forum looks like the best for sharing moc and getting tips to improve it, here’s my first try for a star wars walker. For this one i wanted it to be almost at the scale of the 75054, as the official AT-ST set makes it looks too small. As i don’t use LDD i had to use only my spare parts, so there’s some compromises on the building, shape and color. However, for now it stands well, i can move the legs a little keeping a good stability, it doesn’t crumble when it grab it by the head, but the connection isn’t sturdy between the head and legs as i only used a turntable. I am thinking about using some technic part for the rotating head but i would like to keep it as small as possible. if you have any tips on how to improve it, or just a link for some moc around the same scale, i would be glad to read it 😄 _MG_0202 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0201 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0199 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0205 by m H, sur Flickr
  15. Lfm55

    [MOC] my first try for an AT-ST

    I am actually working on the interior ( one fig only sadly) and i will follow your advice with the legs. I will post pictures once i figured out how to make it looks right 😄
  16. I really like the long shape of your diorama. good job!
  17. Lfm55

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Was thinking rebuilding the complete wings and that was so simple 🤦🏻‍♂️ Good job! I gonna steal your idea again :)
  18. Lfm55

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Great! Thank you!
  19. Lfm55

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Could i ask you for the bricklink reference for the skid part? I love your mod but can’t find this part on the bricklink catalogue 😑 thx!
  20. Lfm55

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    May i suggest trying to make the wings two plates thick instead of three? i did it to mine, it’s easy and the ship looks a lot less bulky like this. you can also remove those uggly launchers on the wings in the same idea of having it more sleak. Edit : here’s some pics of the wings two plate tick _MG_0180 by m H, sur Flickr _MG_0181 by m H, sur Flickr
  21. Lfm55

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    How much do you ask for the instructions ? That moc is wonderful!
  22. Great idea and nice build, i like it a lot
  23. Be Careful lots of panel are just put on the structure without proper attach. You will see that in the later steps. You will need to modify lot of stuff for them to stay in place if you put your falcon totaly vertical. edit: actually my main concern would be the weight of the stuff and stability over time..
  24. Hey, still no lxf, but the closer pics promised : here i switched a 6x12 panel by some smaller : It might be useful to secure the panel, i put those two little stoppers on the axel + some mixel parts (after unsucessful tries with technic parts). And for those wandering about the stand, its almost done but i saw something pretty cheap on idisplay that could do the job.