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  1. enrgie

    The architect's house (Modular)

    Love the interiors!
  2. enrgie

    Sand Blue Green Grocer

    You're lucky to have the parts for it! Could I enquire where do you get them from? Bricklink or personal collection?
  3. enrgie

    I made some rear gardens for my buildings.

    Would love to see those buildings' facade!
  4. enrgie

     DOURKAU, Japanese crab restaurant

    Please share the sloping roof technique Andybear.
  5. enrgie

     DOURKAU, Japanese crab restaurant

    Love that sloping roof! How did you do it? Any chance you can share your technique?
  6. enrgie

    eBay's Cafe Corner listing price average

    I am another late to the modular series as well and would certainly love to see a re-release of those sets. Even with parts that are discontinued, I am sure Lego can come up with creative solutions!
  7. enrgie

    Shady Vale

    This is gonna be epic when finished! Keep it up and more wip shots pls!
  8. enrgie

    MOC: modular police station

    I love this piece! I agree that it blends well with the Fire Station. Awesome work.
  9. enrgie

    MOC: Townhouse Trio - Butcher, Barber, and Laundromat

    Wish I saw this post before my regular Lego hunt! would have picked up the Burrow too...damn...
  10. enrgie

    MOC - Modern Town House

    Love it! Do you have plans to do the interiors?
  11. enrgie

    RAILBRICKS Issue #9 Availble for Download

    Thank you guys! Keep up the great work!
  12. enrgie

    MOC: Ice Cream Parlor

    I love it! You may wanna get some of those ice cream thingie's that come with the MODular sets to complete this piece!
  13. enrgie

    MOC: Little Station

    Love the idea and I am gonna nick it! Planning something similar but with a longer platform to go with my Emerald Night. Love it!
  14. enrgie

    MOC/WIP: My Modular Town

    Love the white colour better! The inverted slopes remind me of a nice Chinese Restaurant. LOL!
  15. enrgie

    Powering the Tram from 8404

    I do only have one set and wasn't really planning to have such a long tram. Thanks though.