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  1. Brick A Brack

    Brick Flicks?

    This term "Brick Flicks" is a heresy. It is the result of an unfortunate fate that is now happily coming to an end after 15 long years. On September 17, 2022, the international brickfilm community "Brick-a-Brack" officially announced the change of ownership of the website and the trademark "Brickfilms". In appreciation for the fantastic work of Eurobricks for the AFOL community (and long time partner of our community). We officially authorize the replacement of the word Brick Flicks by the word "Brickfilms". If @Darkdragon is still responsible for this section. I invite her to make this change with great pleasure as soon as she can and in case of doubt to contact us on our site. PS; And with a few days delay. Happy Birthday Darkdragon!
  2. Brick A Brack

    Brickworld Chicago 2019

    In addition to this high quality event, on June 15th and 16th is held the largest brickfilm festival in the USA. For brickfilmers who want to present their best creations, all the information is available here and here Good luck to all participants!
  3. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    It's time for assessments. - To start in order, the results of week 7. The storyboard is a step often forgotten by brickfilmers, yet it is often a very valuable help to effectively organize the animation step. It was necessary to use this contest to allow some brickfilmers to become familiar with this tool. 7 members dared to take up this challenge. You can discover these participations on the following link( zip file: The jury composed of Brickfield54, BS production and Max_LG debated to find a ranking. Discover the ranking, points awarded and comments on the following link. - Week 8, honored the animation of an animal either of personal construction or minifig creation in LEGO. In view of the complexity, the jury exceptionally allocated 2 weeks to the link of one to offer quality participation. 10 candidates volunteered (see the playlist - Finally, the overall results of the competition. This eighth round of the summer competition is part of the 7 other rounds you have discovered week after week. After discussion, we opted for the most equitable and respectful solution for those who participated in many of these events. Each of the scores were added together to form an overall ranking. The first 7 events with the same one-week duration received the same coefficient. Only the last week (considered more complex) received a double coefficient. This choice was made according to the total duration of the test (two weeks instead of one). Now discover the ranking of the big winners of the summer contest: - Third place minideliciouspant - Second place Proxystudio30 - First place Yetgo The ranking of the 66 participants is visible here: Thank you very much to all of you for participating in this unique competition. Thank you very much to our judges who did a tremendous job in scoring 136 entries in total. A real challenge, since all these participations were rigorously rated and commented on in order to help the participants progress. 20 members will soon be contacted to organize the shipping of the prizes. And above all, thank you to the Eurobricks staff for supporting this competition. Good luck to all of you!
  4. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    Bad news, the summer contest just ended. We'll have to wait for a next edition to participate ! The sixth week ended with great participation, very nice fighting scene, perfectly choreographed. A pleasure for the eyes. After a tough choice, our judge composed of SuitedNinjaNerd Productions, dudebrick and Redbrickstudio selected three winners. Discover the ranking on this link: To know the winners of week 7, a little patience, we will publish this tonight. In the meantime, here is what our participants had just been asked. Build a storyboard from the winning scenario of the first week. If you haven't read it yet, it was the story of a man gradually sinking into madness. To read the script, it happens here: And to finish week 8! Create a brickfilm whose main person is a LEGO animal (minifig animal in LEGO or in integral construction) . We had the best for last! Despite the difficulty, 10 people managed to finish on time. While waiting to be scored by the jury, you can watch the entries on this playlist. For this last challenge, we have some amazing prizes to finish with some fanfare! The winner will win the box #76082 from LEGO, the second the box #76044 and the third one of the podium the box #75870! Good school start to all dear AFOLs!
  5. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    Good morning, everyone!It's been a crazy summer of contests - you're almost at the end! We meet again today for the penultimate event in the #SummerContest2018!Since we started with with writing scripts, let's switch to making storyboards! For those who don't know, a storyboard is a series of drawings that represent each shot of your scenario. It's like a comic book; each box represents a shot in your film. If you're still confused, check out this article for more: this round, our scriptwriter is the infamous @Brickfield54. You'll be adapting his script into a storyboard! The script (in English) script (in French) need to do something very pretty - we won't be mean if you can't draw too well. The quality of the drawing will therefore not be evaluated. On the other hand, your organization and the way you see things shot by shot will be evaluated. Take a sheet of paper, a pencil (or pen if you are 100% sure of your skills). Draw, scan or take a picture of the result and send it to us by mail at with in the subject"[WEEK7]" followed by your nickname on Brick in Brack:"[WEEK7] Let malo film".Send us either one pdf, or several images. If there are several pages, number them so we don't get confused.You have one week, until Sunday 19 August 2018, 23h59 (all timezones) to enter!For this event, amazing prizes are to be won! The winner will win the set #21039 from LEGO, the second the set #31080 and the third one of the podium the set #42074! Share your progress with the hashtag #SummerContest2018 on social media! Stay up-to-date on the next parts of our contest by regularly checking our site and our events calendar.Grab your pencils, get your paper, and we'll see you next week!~ The BàB staff!
  6. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    Another week passed. The jury composed of: - Gwen Movies ... YVz_gzUadw - Nanomega ... 6HCXnAZPFQ - Thefourmonkeys - Redbrickstudio - MBstudio selected the overall winner from 18 participants. All the details (with the ranking and commentary of each of the judges) present here Week 4 ends with 20 entries available here Week 5 is on. From a video created by a member It is up to you to add a soundtrack. Everything is possible to do, to create. Is it a happy ending, a drama? You're the script master. It's up to you to invent it. For more details, everything is explained here. Once this is done, send the audio file to the usual e-mail address: You have one week to work on your participation and try to win great prizes. great prizes! The first will leave with box #21312 from LEGO, the second will be offered box #60107 and the third member of the podium will be offered box #60157!
  7. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    We come back with a lot of information. - The first round ended with 39 entries. The jury gave itself two weeks to read, mark and comment on each of the entries. Objective achieved, the results are here In the meantime, we can get you started reading these different scripts by following this link. - The second test asked the participant to create a brickfilm in just one week by taking another excerpt from a known brickfilm according to your free choice. It's time to discover the 18 entries by taking a look at the following YouTube playlist: - The set test 3 just finished, we're recounting the entries. In a few days, you will be able to discover the participations. - And race number four starts this week. This is a pure animation test. No need for successful sets or scripts we simply ask to animate your characters well. To do this, you need to show your evidence by making a sequence with one effect slowed down and another accelerated. We advise you to leave on an animation basis of 12 or 15 frames per second "to be comfortable". The first will leave with box #60121 from LEGO, the second will be offered box #60164 and the third member of the podium will be offered box #60158! More details on this link. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we stay around to answer them quickly. Kisses to all and see you soon.
  8. Brick A Brack

    SummerContest2018 [AFOL Contest] Brickfilm

    Week 1: Sorry I'm late, I'm on a business trip. Unfortunately, I cannot take the time to say more. See on this link which will no doubt answer your questions. We'll stick around and answer your questions. Good luck to all participants Week 2: Welcome to the adaptation contest! This week, you have until Sunday 15 July 2018, 23h59 (end of all time zones) to create a brickfilm adaptation This week, you must take a scene from one of your favorite brickfilms and remake it. You can't reuse the soundtrack/content of the original project, however - you must remake everything yourself! The original brickfilm can't be an adaption of a movie and you can't be the creator of the original film. Your adaptation must last at least 30 seconds, outside the credits. Once the brickfilm is finished, post it on Brick à Brack. Put the link of the brickfilm which inspired you in the brickfilm page description; then you will be able to present the brickfilm on the page of the dedicated contest : For a list of all the prizes, please check out the Brick à Brack article: Week 3 : And here is the week that many are waiting for on this site: the decor event ! You have until 22 July 2018 23h59 to participate in this one. Dom_10 is a big fan of the space range. This passion was combined with a love of writing. He has already written no less than 12 chapters of his space adventure novel. You can read everything (in French) at It's time to bring some illustrative images to his adventure. And these to the best MOCers that this contest is addressed. One of the chapters in his book has been selected for this event. From the text ( in English ) provided in this link, you must create a MOC from one of the scenes in this extract. Then to take a picture of this MOC in a cinematographic way (choice of the framing, the light, the decoration). If you have any questions, don't hesitate, we'll stick around. Entries are to be published when you have finished on this thread. The deadline is exactly one week away. (a few hours ready if late there would be, we're cool on it ^^)
  9. Brick A Brack

    Brickworld Chicago 2018

    Brickfilm enthusiasts from all over the United States met at the Brickfilm Festival organized by David Pickett aka Brick101. Many brickfilms submitted their participation and the public voted for the best of them. Brickworld Chicago 2018 was an incredible success, bringing together Lego fans from across the United States - and the world - together for an incredible five-day event. We reported on the announcement of the Brickworld Film Festival earlier in the year and awaited to hear the results. Brick à Brack moderator Chris (@chris_gbp) was there at Brickworld to report on the festival itself. With twenty-three entries playing and countless attendees viewing the films throughout the convention, the festival culminated on Saturday evening with an hour's worth of public viewing and an audience vote.Two award categories - one for the Best Film from the convention attendees and one for the Best Film from the international brickfilm community - were presented at the festival. Twenty films were entered into the running and were enjoyed by the audience. After each film was screened in a private hall within the convention center, ballots were passed out and the audience voted on their favorite films."We had a great film festival at Brickworld Chicago this year," film festival coordinator David Pickett commented. "We're really happy to be one of the longest-running brickfilm festivals in North America and that we are able to share the art form with the AFOL community and the public."Without further ado, the winners of the Brickworld Film Festival are ...Best Film - Attendee: 1st Place - Isolation by Tyler Eyerly Best Film - International: 1st Place - Chirrut vs. Everything by Kevin Ulrick - @Brotherhood Workshop 2nd Place - The Winterlympic Games by Christof Munoz - @thistof 3rd Place - My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope by Trevor Stevens - @SuitedNinjaNerd Productions This was the seventh year of the Brickworld Film Festival - with two years of international entries - and the event will continue again next year. Congratulations to all of the winners! Be sure to check out their entries and support these fantastic animators. As next year's Brickworld Chicago rolls around, consider submitting one of your brickfilms for the festival - and possibly even attending next year's convention! discover our old articles HERE
  10. Good morning to you all. If several of you read this text diagonally, I'll be direct. YES, there is an test of MOC . With the agreement of the Eurobricks staff, We are here to announce a new competition in the AFOL universe. It is soberly entitled Summercontest2018. Every Monday morning, we will come to announce you a new event and you will generally have one week to participate. For each event, the 3 winners arriving at the top of the ranking will leave with magnificent prizes provided by our partners such as BrickWarriors, Brickstuff and of course LEGO. At each event, participants will obtain ranking points. These points will be added to each new round and then added to the general classification of the competition. It is not necessary to participate in all events, but the members of the podium who have accumulated the most points during the different events will receive an exclusive badge on their BàB profile as well as other surprises. As we are super nice, we give you the list of the tests in advance, just to put you in condition and to allow you to set your evenings between friends Week #1 : Script Contest (July 2 to July 8) Week #2 : Adaptation Contest (July 9 to July 14) Week #3 : Set design contest (July 16 to July 22) Week #4 : Animation Contest (July 23 to July 29) Week #5 : Soundtrack Contest (July 30 to August 5) Week #6 : Animation Contest (August 5 to August 12) Week #7 : Storyboard Contest (August 13 to August 19) Week #8 : Brickfilm contest (August 20 to September 2) We have arranged to insert a non brickfilmic proof and a brickfilmic proof each time, in order to avoid you the overdose! We hope you like this concept and that many of you will participate! We know that the brickfilm certainly rejects it, that's why, some tests are created to allow to participate without having any knowledge in the animation of a brickfilm. Writing a script, building a set... are easily achievable for an amateur MOCer. It is not necessary to have been a member of Brick-à-Brack to participate. The contest is open to all for all events you choose to participate. As you can imagine, a contest per week for two months is going to be complicated to manage for its staff, even if a lot of things have been prepared in advance we will have to judge the entries and it might take time, so if you don't want to participate in an event, that you are curious to discover the brickfilm, you want to offer us a helping hand to become a member of the jury. Of course, if you get on the jury, you become ineligible for the test you are marking. You can't be everywhere at once! Sorry: Send us a small MP if you feel like it. See you on July 2, 2018 for the announcement of the first event! May fate be favourable to you! We are at your disposal to answer your questions on this topic. find our old contests here
  11. Brick A Brack

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The created universe of SW is so vast, ideas are not about to stop.
  12. Brick A Brack

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I'm totally a fan of this.
  13. Brick A Brack

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Totaly agree with it.
  14. Probably a little more work to perfect the model. But all my respect for that feat.
  15. Very realistic. Good job!