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  1. minifigminute

    Billund: Lego Mecca

    Hey everyone,Curious how many folks here (if any) have ever been to HQ in Billund. I'm seriously considering taking my son when he turns 16 (or so). Just curious what sort of experiences folks have had. I'm also curious about the Lego Inside tour. It looks quite exclusive where you have to register and everything! Bet it's hard to get in on that!So, anyone ever been? And if so, what was it like?
  2. minifigminute

    Lego Series 18 Faves!!

    @Frostbricks I like the brick suits too, although having 3 of them out of 8 openings is overkill :)
  3. minifigminute

    Question about sharing links

    @samurai-turtle, I dig the idea of one thread to rule them all, thanks! Maybe I can give that a try.... didn't really know that was "a thing" :) @MAB, thanks for the insights. Yeah, I've been wondering about the format a bit. We didn't really think of it as a "review" series, but more of a way to share the "oooooooh..... let's see what we got!" aspect followed by a goofy after scene. May not work out in the end (but we're walking away with a lot of minis for sure!) Regarding the completist point, we do have a lot of series 17 to hit, but we wanted to jump to series 18 as soon as we got those. The thinking was that ultimately, we'll start really mixing it up, so each episode might be some completely different series. Out of curiosity, (sorry if this is a dumb question) what is a "CMF"? Thanks again for the feedback y'all :)
  4. minifigminute

    Lego wife

    Hey y'all! My wife never really had LEGO in her life until she met me and my son about 5 years ago. Now, she's got quite a few sets in her office. AND as a result, she does stuff like the cool thing she just gave me for my birthday... check it OUT :)
  5. Hey gang, I was hoping for some guidance related to posting links to stuff like Youtube and Instagram. My son and I have got a little social experiment thing where we film unbagging, slap some graphics around it, and post it to youtube. I figured it's a fun way to expand our addiction to minifigs AND give him some understanding of basic video and image manipulation tools :) That said, is there a particular board that's a good place for sharing that sort of thing? It's kind of pointless to do something like that unless you're going to share it. Thanks in advance, dp
  6. minifigminute

    Lego Series 18 Faves!!

    Hey everyone, We're starting to unbag Series 18. I think my favorite so far is the Clown, his balloons are so flipping awesome!!!! But the Unicorn is a close second... I mean, his winky face is AWESOME!!! So what's your favorite mini from Series 18?
  7. minifigminute

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    SOOO bummed they've abandoned this product :(
  8. minifigminute

    LEGO Incredibles Video Game

    SOOOO excited for this!
  9. Probably the skier from the Arctic Rescue set (8660). Well... my SON has it now :)
  10. minifigminute

    Lego Minifig photography

    I've been taking pics of the new minifigs we unbag here: Let me know what you think! So far, the hotdog vendor and the retro space hero seemed to be the most "photogenic" (ie, I think I did ok with them, the others, not so much). I'm using just my iPhone 8.
  11. minifigminute

    Happy to join the club :)

    Hi everyone! I've been a long-time lego enthusiast since I was a kid, rekindling my joy through parenthood. My son and I serve as each other's assistants when the other gets a set, which brings me so much joy! And now my wife is getting into it... 4 years ago, she never would've considered getting lego toys, but now because of me and my son, she's built quite the collection! I recently started a youtube channel with my son, on a search to unbag as many minifigs as we can! Check it out and let us know what you think! Anyway, I'm happy to find this forum and look forward to lots of idea exchanges :) Cheers! Dan P.