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  1. I'm quite impressed by the new Star Destroyer; it looks well finished and the box-art is particularly good. The interior looks a little 'minimal' but the exterior is several grades above either of the previous two versions. I'm not too worried about the price - presumably it will be widely available so it will be at least 30% off at some point which will make it far more reasonable. I'm guessing that the RRP will be around £150 - but hopefully it might be a little less. Overall it looks to be a decent addition to the 2024 wave - I doubt if I'll get it to be honest, as I already have the UCS version.
  2. I placed two orders on the LEGO website around 1.30am and it was totally seamless (and the best experience I've had in many years!). Both of them are currently 'In Warehouse' so I'm hoping that I'll receive all of the promos. As mentioned above, the thresholds are calculated on the actual payment amount so you need to factor that into any sets that have a discount code. I've just had a quick look at the images of the latest sets; nothing exceptional but I'm sure the bunker set will be in demand due to the minifigures. I'm not sure if Paz Visla has been updated, or if it's the same one from 75319 - it looks quite similar. It's good to see Captain Rex in such an accessable set - and lots of younger fans will now have the opportunity to own him.
  3. I've just noted that the new Sith Infiltrator will be a Smyths exclusive in the UK which is disappointing as it's unlikely to be discounted in the near future, if at all. It might be one to order directly from LEGO instead on May 1st - assuming that they don't run out of stock too quickly! The rest of the wave should be widely available (presumably the TIE Interceptor will be a John Lewis/Argos/Smyths exclusive within a few months); I'm almost tempted to buy it immediately but it would be nice to get it with a bit of a discount!
  4. Nien Numb looks very promising assuming the actual minifigure is similar to the version in the video. All LEGO needs to do now is to release a new Lando wearing Han's clothes and my life will finally be complete! 2024 is rapidly becoming a great year for LEGO Star Wars - I just hope they do something equally good next year to celebrate the 20th Anniversay of ROTS. I'm starting to feel really old - it's difficult to believe it was released that long ago!
  5. Nien Numb would be brilliant - although I won't believe it until I finally see it! I have still fond memories of my original Kenner figure from 1983/4; it was available as free 'mailer' promotion which you could claim with a purchase of 5/6 others. It took absolutely ages to arrive but it was well worth the wait! I'm not sure why he hasn't been included in a set previously as there's been plenty of oppportunities - especially considering that he does have a reasonable amount of screen-time in ROTJ. My local toy store has the new 1st May sets in stock; I'm quite impressed by the Mos Espa Podrace but I think I'll wait until it gets a 20-30% discount. It's a shame that LEGO didn't include Watto, Sebulba and maybe a pit droid or two - it looks a bit sparse for the RRP.
  6. I wouldn't worry about that; from my experience dark red parts of that period only seem to have an issue if exposed to direct sunlight. My 75060 is still perfect and I haven't seen many people complain about them (and it's certainly not in the same league to the reddish-brown from the same time!). It's an amazing set and one of my favourites - highly recommended if you can pick one up for a reasonable price
  7. I’m really impressed by the TIE Interceptor, it looks very impressive and very I’m tempted to order one as soon as it’s available. The sloping on either side of the windscreen part look a bit odd, but it could just be the angle of the photos. It’s also great to see that it’s £199.99, which seems to be decent value for a 2,000 part set. The GWPs also look sufficiently decent for me to be making at least a couple of orders, and the £145 threshold for the Troop Carrier is fair; I was expecting it to be £160+ based on some of the recent offers this year. It’s looking like it could be a good May 4th – I just hope there’s a few sets on offer and maybe 2 x VIP points.
  8. I'll be very interested to see the first images of the Sail Barge; it has the potential to be highly impressive given the part count. My only concern is that it could be a block of reddish-brown, similar to an upscaled 75020. The original film model is quite uniform in colour apart from the sails, but hopefully LEGO will add the odd bit of tan, dark tan etc to give it a little more interest. The minifigure line-up sounds promising - especially combined with the ones from the Skiff set. 2024 is looking like a very good year for LEGO Star Wars!
  9. Both 75383 & 75378 have been listed on the LEGO website and I'm pleased to see that the Infiltrator is only £59.99. I'm not sure how they managed to fit 640 parts into it considering that it's only 27cm (11") long but presumably there's lots of small ones somewhere! Saw Gerrera looks great though, and it's amazing that he's finally going to be available in a set! The others look decent as well, although the facial expression for Anakin is an odd choice - perhaps I'll get used to it eventually. I'm looking forward to ordering it on May 1st - I don't often pay RRP for sets, but this one is well worth it
  10. You can download a free (3.5mb) copy of the poster from the VIP/Insiders page on the LEGO website - it looks far better in that quality!
  11. A gift from my lovely (and incredibly tolerant) wife! I can't wait to build this but I'm not sure if I'll have sufficient space to display it anywhere!
  12. The Razor Crest looks absolutely amazing and it's definitely one for my shopping list. Admittedly the RRP is a little painful but it's not totally ridiculous considering the scale and part count. The interior looks well done - I particularly like the carbonite chamber and cockpit. I haven't purchased any sets this year apart from the UCS Landspeeder so I could just about convince myself to order it at full RRP, although a decent GWP would certainly help!
  13. 2022 SW Advent Calendar details now listed on the LEGO website (link) It looks like an improvement from last year but I'm not sure about Darth - he looks totally out of place!
  14. Both new sets are on the UK website - Boba's Throne Room is £89.99 & N-1 is £54.99.
  15. I'm not sure why you think they're 'safe and lazy'? Personally I'm really looking forward to a top-end version of Dagobah for the first time in 22-odd years - it could be exceptional! Hopefully LEGO will eventually release some further PT sets at some point but it's pretty evident that there isn't much demand for most Episode I sets in particular, and in light of the near-backlash in regard to the UCS Gunship I can understand any possible reluctance to visit them again in the near future. There's only a limited number of sets they can produce at any one time; they can't please everyone.
  16. That's a rather ridiculous statement and doesn't display a great deal of maturity - I'm not sure that comments like 'minifigures suck' help either. I voted for the Nebulon B simply because it would make a truly exceptional UCS set - not because I'd expected it to include a nice chromed C-3PO.
  17. That looks absolutely incredible - definitely one for the shopping list!! If there's a half-decent GWP I might even be tempted to buy it on 1st August; I'll be interested to see what the UK RRP is...
  18. Although primarily a OT fan, I'm eagerly awaiting the first images of the new UCS Gunship. If it's done well it could be an incredible display piece; it does seem a bit odd that they aren't including more minifigures though! I haven't purchased anything for a while as I've got to a point where I'm rapidly running out of space but I might be tempted to buy it as soon as it's available. I've often wondered if the result of the poll would have been different if it had actually been done as a pre-order based on provisional designs (i.e. anyone who'd voted would have committed to purchasing it if that had gained the most votes). There's a lot of older fans in their 40-50s with a decent amount of disposable income (myself included) and I can see why TLG have tended to be a little cautious and focused on what they perceive that market wants. However, I can appreciate that many PT fans are now in their mid 20's and that could become an significant factor in terms of the future sales. Hopefully TLG will release a Nebulon B in the next few years - and everyone will be happy
  19. Addition image of the Carbonite Key Chain - I'm very tempted!
  20. US November Store Calendar (here) - hopefully the Carbonite Key Chain will be available in the UK
  21. I'm inclined to think it's legitimate - the background is very similar to the style used in other LEGO adverts. If so, I'm very impressed and it could be the first SW set I've ordered in quite a while!
  22. Lobot

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm a bit underwhelmed by the box art...it seems to be totally devoid of anything remotely spooky which is rather odd. The system-scale sets are far more appealing to me - but it's almost inevitable it will still be a best seller!
  23. The Designer Video has just been posted:
  24. That's a classy looking box - I expect the RRP will reflect that! Very impressed though, definitely one for the UCS collection