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  1. It's back in stock at John Lewis online in the UK if anyone's still after one (link). And, yes, the first 'exclusive' offer is a little underwhelming..... I'd happily settle for a decent minifigure at this point!
  2. The UCS Falcon cards are linked directly to the corresponding VIP account so I can't see that they'll be much demand for them. And, unless someone has gone to extreme lengths to create multiple accounts (e.g. using different addresses & payment cards etc) it's unlikely that anyone is holding multiples. The first few offered in London have made silly money on Ebay, but I think that was due to the uniqueness of the event; I can't imagine that many people would pay much for the later (and personalised) ones!
  3. Yoda's Hut looks great, and I'll be adding one of these to my shopping list. The new torso print for Yoda is excellent; it's nicely detailed but not over-done unlike some newer minifigures! I also like Luke who's been in need of an upgrade, but I'm not totally convinced about the printing for R2-D2. Perhaps I'm reading far too much into the new wave (as I usually do) but it does add a little more weight to the possibility of a UCS Cloud City for 2018 (e.g. X-Wing & Yoda's Hut)....
  4. Lobot

    What was wrong with 10227 B-Wing Fighter?

    This set was totally ruined by the awful cockpit/canopy, but apart from that it wasn't a bad set - I did a review of it a few years ago (link). The sales figures must have been fairly dismal as it was eventually sold at 50% off in the US, and 30% off in the UK - and even now you can get it at about £300 MISB so there isn't a major demand for it. In my opinion, it's not in the same league to other similar-sized UCS sets currently available (e.g. Slave 1, Snowspeeder & TIE Fighter) so I can easily understand why it hasn't done well in the after-market.
  5. Lobot

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks @CopMike, you've just made my day - with a prize C Manatee! Congratulations to all of the other winners, it's been great fun as always! Merry Christmas everyone
  6. 'The source that is rebellious and scummy has found potential verification from MakingStarWars.net' - that might be a good starting point
  7. I watched TLJ last night, and it's a vast improvement on Episode VII! It has a decent storyline, with a few twists, and there's a good amount of humour. I'm surprised to say that the Porgs are brilliant - I'd expected them to be the equivalent of Ewoks, but they really added to it. TLG did a good job of converting the main elements of the film into sets, but there's still lots of material that available for the future. Like others have mentioned, I didn't see any sign of the FO Heavy Scout Walker, so I guess that it ended up on the cutting-room floor....
  8. I totally agree; the UK RRP of most recent sets is rapidly approaching ridiculous especially when you compare it to other countries. I'm not sure if it's due to the exchange rate or just an attempt to maximise TLG's profits.... The simple answer is to wait patiently for the inevitable discounts; for example 75176 has already been on sale at 50% off in the last few weeks, and they're currently available at 60% off if you buy in multiples!! Most non-UCS/exclusive SW sets tend to be available at 30-40% off at some point in their lifecycle, you just need to keep an eye on Amazon etc. I was going to buy the new Mos Eisley Cantina (75205) as soon as it was available, but after I'd realised that the RRP is £44.99 I've decided to wait.....!
  9. The new SW sets have just been listed on UK S@H: 75202 Defense of Crait - £74.99 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina - £44.99 75204 Sandspeeder - £34.99 75199 General Grievous' Combat Speeder - 25.99 75200 Ahch-To Island Training - £25.99 75533 Boba Fett - £25.99 75195 Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker Microfighters - £16.99 75196 A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer Microfighters - £16.99 75197 First Order Specialists Battle Pack - £12.99 75198 Tatooine Battle Pack - £12.99 75193 Millennium Falcon™ Microfighter - £8.99 75194 First Order TIE Fighter™ Microfighter -£8.99 The RRP of Mos Eisley is very disappointing - it's $39.99 in the US (e.g. £26.27!!). Allowing for VAT @ 20% it should be around £35.... And, @PickleManDan - you're correct about the table lamp - the reverse of the box shows that it's glow-in-the-dark, which is a nice touch.
  10. I've updated the first post with new details of the 2018 winter wave from S@H.
  11. I'm really impressed by the official images of the new Cantina set, and I'll be grabbing one as soon as it's available. I wasn't sure about the Ubrikkian 9000 pod when the first rumours surfaced, but it's certainly an improvement on the 'default' Landspeeder I'd expected. I'm just wondering if the set includes a light-brick (or similar) or perhaps I'm reading too much from the images? If you look at the box art on the TRU website it shows the table lamp as a Neon-green, but in other images it's comprised of 3 white 1x1 studs - I guess it could just be artistic licence, but that would really make the set!
  12. Thanks @AmericaLego - I'm actually quite impressed by the set and it's definitely on my 2018 list. The design is very similar to that of 75052 (albeit more compact) but it will be a good parts pack at the very least, and the minifigure selection looks quite reasonable. All we need now is UCS-scaled Docking Bay 94 and I'll be a happy bunny!
  13. I wasn't particularly interested in this promo, so it's not a major issue for me. And, it's very sensible for TLG to withdraw it, if there's any possible safely concerns. 10% off doesn't sound much, but if it's applied to the larger sets the discount is actually quite reasonable (and certainly above what the Pod could be worth!). In addition, don't forget that you'll still get VIP points, so in reality it's approaching 15% overall. And, I know in previous years they often include extra freebies in orders running up to Christmas; last year I received a Spider-Man polybag which was a nice surprise. I'm waiting to see what the 'surprise' 20% discounted set will be.... If it's 75098 I could just be tempted!
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    Updating Your Minifigs

    @TrunkWyatt - I've merged your thread into this one to keep the forum tidy
  15. I've just found a provisional listing for 75200 - Ahch-To Island Training on the Smyths website (link) which shows it as £25.99 in the UK. That doesn't seem too bad, especially compared to other recent releases (e.g. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod, with a truly ridiculous RRP of £39.99!).
  16. Thanks for the link - it could be quite appealing for OT fans like me, RRP-depending of course! I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy it, but at the inevitable 30-40% discount I'll grab a couple. Like others have mentioned it might be a good expansion set for the old 75052, assuming that it's scaled similarly. And, in other news, both 75098 & 75095 are now listed on the LEGO website as 'retiring soon' - I assume that's due to mediocre sales? If Insult on Hoth survives until the Christmas clearance sales I might be tempted, but otherwise it will be a very easy pass for me!
  17. @shizzuh - welcome to Eurobricks! I've merged your thread with this dedicated one to keep the forum tidy. Nice mods, by the way!
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @merman - I've merged your thread with our general Q&A one to keep the forum tidy In answer to your question, I haven't had any problems with mine and it felt very sturdy when I built it. Although it hasn't been displayed for any length of time so the parts are all still, essentially, new. The cockpit is truly awful, but apart from that it's a decent copy of the original film model, and almost worthy of the UCS label.
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @GrahamSlam - please refer to my post in the previous page - I've merged your previous threads with this one
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi @GrahamSlam - I've merged your thread with this one to keep the forum tidy. In answer to your question, I'd recommend Bricklink - All of the Episode VII minifigures are listed here and you should be able to find US stores with a decent supply of them. As regards to a display, perhaps some plates covered with black tiles? I hope this might give you a few ideas
  21. Thanks to @CopMike for running this again - it's always brilliant fun!! My entry crafted in LDD - 82 parts almost resembling a Christmas Tree!
  22. Thanks for the info @Azani - but the part count does sound a little disappointing. However,it could be designed to compliment 75173, plus the new 75198 Tattoine Battle Pack, which could work well together. For around 400 parts it could be similar to 75171 - Battle on Scarif, plus there's always the option to buy in multiples if it isn't that expensive
  23. Amazing work @NorvernRob - I never tire of looking at UCS scaled Executors and this one is amongst the very best! The shaping is perfect, and I'm awe of the greebling on the underside - that's a lot of 1x2 jumper plates!! The 'city' section is exceptional as well; you've used a nice variety of different elements, but it still looks suitably uniform - it puts the UCS 10221 to shame in that respect! Did you consider using DBG for the engine housing; the LBG looks a little out of place somehow?
  24. I've updated some of the details in the first post, including placeholder images of the new sets from Brickset
  25. I'm really impressed by 75200 Ahch-To Island Training, and I'll be definitely picking one up at some point. It's good that TLG are including two main characters in a relatively inexpensive set and it includes a decent selection of LBG & DBG elements, so it should make a decent parts-pack. I'm still not 100% sold on the Porgs though, I get the feeling they could be destined to become the Ewoks of Episode VIII.....