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  1. Official Boxart of the new Mandalorian sets have just been published on the LEGO website:
  2. I don't think that's correct Whenever I've purchased a back-ordered item, I've received the promo available at that time (it's always sensible to add something small & in stock as well to ensure they're sent immediately!). I'm holding off until May 4th; I'm not worried if I don't get in until the initial orders are fulfilled and would prefer a nice promo with it (and possibly double VIP points).
  3. Lobot

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    If you can't make a positive contribution to Eurobricks, please don't post at all thankyou. Anyway, to get back to the topic, Slave 1 is my favourite, closely followed by the Imperial Shuttle, and the latest Y-Wing and Snowspeeders I haven't built the latest Falcon or Star Destroyer yet so I can't comment on them, but they're on my to-build list this year!
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they're all released in the next 5 years, but time will tell. I wouldn't mind either of them, but I voted for the Nebulon as i) it hasn't been done before and ii) it could be exceptional in UCS form if given a suitable (£500+) RRP. I get the feeling that the Gunship will win though based on the near-frenzy of some comments; my only concern in terms of fairness is whether a proportion of those voting for it, will actually purchase it when it's available? Perhaps in future LEGO might adopt a different approach; possibly by developing some prototypes, and then allowing a pre-order (with any achieving a certain level or orders being produced); I think the results could be significantly different! I appreciate the TIE is destined to be a distant third, but I hope they'll do a UCS version at some point - it's an interesting design and I'd certainly buy it.
  5. Finally order 75181 UCS Y-Wing at 20% off from shop at home, including 2x VIP points and the Battle of Endor set I've heard rumours it's going to be retired this year so thought it was a good opportunity to add it to my collection.
  6. That's the best news I've heard in a long time!! I haven't purchased anything since the UCS Falcon; if it's stunning I'll order it as soon as it's available, otherwise it can wait until an inevitable 20% discount. I'm not too worried about the relatively low part count; there's bound to be a higher proportion of larger plates than the Falcon; 10030 only had 3,100 so anything around 4,700 should be exceptional!
  7. The new Advent Calendar is a significant improvement on the last couple of years; a decent range of minifigures and builds. An exclusive Santa-themed minifigure would have taken it to another level, that said I'm actually impressed by the Porg!
  8. 42110 has been listed on the UK Smyths website (with an image!) - RRP is £159.99 but no release date - 2573 parts.
  9. Lobot

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    @Brickandkall - you're welcome, that's absolutely stunning!
  10. Thanks @Azani - I'm surprised that there's another Hoth set in the pipeline, unless it's designed to be compatible with 75203. I just hope it's not another Snowspeeder and trench, but that's almost inevitable! Overall, it looks like another relatively inexpensive year for me; possibly just the two UCS sets. A new system scale Slave 1 could do well, but as I've got 75060 I doubt I'll buy one - unless it has some really nice minifigures
  11. Mixed emotions as far as I'm concerned.... I've been quietly praying for a new UCS Cloud City for the last 7-8 years and it's finally happened; but that box-art is just awful! And, the layout has pretty much ruined what could have been an exceptional set. I really don't understand why it wasn't split into two or three levels, possibly encased within a half-cylinder. Add an external lift as a play-feature, plus a decent landing pad and it would have been in a totally different league! It's such a shame - I had really high expectations as the last few (UCS) sets have been almost flawless..... Despite the above, I'll still buy it
  12. Lobot

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    LEGO have done a great job with the entire wave and I'm sure they'll be best sellers! The box art for 75953, 75954 & 75955 are all exceptional and, for the first time in a long while, I'm really looking forward to buying some new sets! The mid & dark blue background tones are perfect and the full moon adds a suitably 'spooky' touch. I was tempted to buy a few of the older sets 6 months ago on the aftermarket, but I'm glad I waited! If the rumoured UCS Hogwarts is of a similar quality (albeit hopefully on a far larger scale) I'll be buying it whatever the RRP. My LEGO collection is virtually all Star Wars, but all of these sets are far too good to ignore
  13. Considering the total fiasco of the Falcon's launch (where the limit was 3 in the UK) it's understandable - LEGO don't won't any more bad press/feeling about this sort of thing, so they're ensuring that anyone who'd like to order it isn't left disappointed. Give it a couple of weeks and it will be relaxed to 3-5, so you should be able to buy another if you want to do so.
  14. I just received an email with details of the Black Card VIP offers: Build your Rebel defences with this free Y‑Wing limited edition Blue Print With all Star Wars™ purchases over £30 Exclusive one-of-one 18k White Gold R2‑D2 No need to do anything, as you are already entered to win this one‑off 18k White Gold R2‑D2 Good luck! I'd prefer double VIP points on the Y-Wing myself, but at least it's something!
  15. We're supposed to get 20% off selected sets in the UK - which in the majority of cases you can find cheaper elsewhere! It will be disappointing if there's no decent promo for Black VIP holders; I can't remember the precise text LEGO used, but it was along the lines of 'exclusive offers throughout the year'. I suppose we could be pleasantly surprised later on, but I'm not getting my hopes up based on what we've seen to date. I'm in two minds about ordering the Y-Wing tomorrow, but I'm not that fussed about the BB-8 polybag, and the lack of double-VIP points on it doesn't help either.....
  16. Please can we avoid any discussions about re-selling etc, and keep this thread focused on 2018 sets, thanks. And, please can I remind everyone about the site guidelines, specifically: 'Don't be offensive to other members. We like Eurobricks to be a friendly place to discuss LEGO and won't allow posts that are intended to offend or attack'. Several of the responses to Paperballpark's post were completely unnecessary (even if intended as 'humorous') - I'm very grateful for the information he kindly provided. Thanks for the image @Bataleon - the new Y-Wing looks incredible
  17. Lobot

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks @CopMike - my prize arrived safely today! They're all amazing - you're an absolute star!
  18. Lobot


    Agreed; I don't seem much point in keeping it open so I'll lock it. If anyone would like it unlocked please PM me.
  19. It's currently back in stock on the UK LEGO website (link) - you may need to be quick!
  20. The Y-Wing looks like a great set, and is almost in 'bargain' territory in the UK (£169.99) especially as it's almost 2,000 parts. Definitely a day one purchase for me - I'm looking forward to building it
  21. It's happened in the past - 75058 was spotted in a store before we'd heard any rumours about it. And, if I recall correctly, there was a similar screw-up with 75159 which was seen being built in a LEGO store prior to it being officially launched. If it's a fake, they've gone to a lot of trouble - it looks far too good to be anything but legit.
  22. That's a classy looking set, and definitely a day one purchase for me! It's odd that it's been 'revealed' in this manner - I was getting slightly worried that they'd delayed it.
  23. 75144 was unveiled on 24th March last year, so they're cutting it fine if it's scheduled for release on 4th May The first leaked images of the 75144 box appeared on 15th February, so TLG have either got a lot better at security or the rumoured delays could be correct. I guess it could be a result of the limited availability of the UCS Falcon - perhaps they've decided to focus production on that for a few months. It's a bit of a shame if true, as I've been looking forward to ordering the new Y Wing on 4th May (assuming it does exist!).
  24. And, in other news, the prospect of a new UCS Y Wing has increased considerably.... There's an image of a OT Rebel Pilot on Imgur (white helmet and brown/gold/green markings); it looks pretty legitimate from what I can see!
  25. What have they done to poor Chewie..... it looks like it's based on a really bad Passport ID! Perhaps that's the reason why nobody else attempted to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs - it really is that exhausting!