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  1. Kinda late to the party but I just noticed something in Snoke's Throne Room set. Kylo seems to have a metallic sword hilt again \o/
  2. Oh. Nevermind then, one looked differently on one picture
  3. There's one "bucket head" guard and one "lock jaw" in the throne room set, right?
  4. The throne room looks kinda... meh. I expected something more :l
  5. I've watched the throne room scene in slowmo multiple times and I'm still confused about the number of helmet designs and the number of guards with each variant. @Penkid11, isn't the one in the middle of your first picture the "lock-jaw" variant? To me it looked like there's 3 "lock-jaws", 3 "buckets" and 2 "sun-visors", but I might be wrong.
  6. Oh my, really? I thought they're gonna be up in August. I hope they'll indeed come out soon, I can't wait for some official pics.
  7. Hello, first post here! I'd like to ask: does anyone have an idea or prediction when approximately might some official images appear for the summer wave?