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  1. No one cared who he was till he put on the profile pic I certainly hope so, the current colour for Obi's hair has been bugging me for years now
  2. We got 2 "lockjaws" in the throne room, one "lockjaw" in the bp, two "sunvisors" in the bp, three "bucketheads" (the third variant) remain to complete the guard
  3. Sooo disappointed that the praetorian bp includes only 2 helmet variants. I hope we get the remaining 3 bucketheads one day to complete the guard. Sad times
  4. The droid gunship is absolutely beautiful! I have the one from 2014 but I'm still gonna get it as I'm a big fan of the craft. I just wish we got a different Jedi than Yoda... Waiting anxiously for images of praetorian bp to surface
  5. Thank you for everything, stay awesome!
  6. I dunno, I kinda enjoy some of them. The praetorian guard BP build looks somewhat promising.
  7. I'm really curious about those April sets. Also any guesses what 75240 might be? Btw. when approximately should January wave pictures surface?
  8. I, for one, am happy about the AT-AP as I missed out on the previous one; happy about gunship as well cuz never too many separatist ships. I just hope some of the figures are stand-ins, would love to get a different Jedi than Yoda
  9. Yeah, if there's 2 of them included for real it's gonna be a pain, since there's 2 of them in the movie and you'd like to get 8 guards in total so buying two BPs would give you twice more than you need... yeah it's gonna be problematic, hope it turns out not to be the case.
  10. Damn it, I still hope we'll get that 3rd helmet variation:(
  11. Man am I bummed out if the BP turns out to have just 2 helmet types : /
  12. Don't give them ideas xD
  13. But where else would they put them if not in the throne room or BP? They don't really belong anywhere else. Also there's supposed to be 3 guards included in the bp so it seems very unreasonable not to use all 3 variants. I'm just trying to think positively.
  14. Lego sure made some weird/stupid choices recently, but not including the 3rd helmet type in the BP would be the dumbest decision of 2019 and it's not even 2019 yet. I think we should all be patient and wait for more pictures to surface.
  15. Praise the Lego gods! My prayers have been answered. Waiting for a better photo though