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  1. LedaniGO

    The last guide you will need to repair Lego Train 9v Connectors

    Thanks for the video. Now, I'm trying to fix my old 9V wires collection. I used this small base to make it easier and safer. It is a strong base made with lego bricks and some thin metal parts that hold the connector top part and let the bottom part go down when we hit it. I used it 18 times. In 14 of then the result was perfect. In 4 of them, the bottom part broke in one side as you can see here: I think it is possible to improve that by using some stuff below the connector, that don't allow for a very large angle when the bottom part goes out. But now I have no more connectors to try it!
  2. LedaniGO

    Pirates truck with track sweeper

    Thanks a lot! And I used those old wheels: Wheel with Split Axle hole, with Black Tire 17 x 43 (3482 / 3634) https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3482c03&name=Wheel with Split Axle hole, with Black Tire 17 x 43 (3482 / 3634)&category=[Wheel & Tire Assembly]#T=P
  3. LedaniGO

    Pirates truck with track sweeper

    It was from the Santa Fe train locomotive, I think.
  4. LedaniGO

    Pirates truck with track sweeper

    Thanks for warning SollX! Now it should be working.
  5. LedaniGO

    Pirates truck with track sweeper

    This all terrain truck has a SECRET FEATURE: It can have a pair of palm leaves connecting to the rear of the car. When the truck moves, the leaves move from one side to the other, removing road tracks when the pirates are escaping through dirt roads. You can see it working in the video. Besides that, it also has doors and hood cover that opens. The back cover can be removed, so it can be used in two configurations. It is a improved version from another one I made ten years ago... I know there is a "Pirates theme" here in Eurobricks but I didn't post there because I think it is for old traditional pirates, not those ones. More pictures in the album.
  6. LedaniGO

    Pirates workshop

    This is the first of a series of mocs with a idea I like a lot: The Modern Pirates! The pirates like to build things, so the workshop is an important place in their home. The workbench is large and made with strong brown wood. It has a panel on top of the table, to keep the tools organized. And it has a vise that really works! See it in action in the video below. It is strong and can hold large objects! The mechanism takes some space so it goes to the other side of the wall. But that is not a problem because (architecture!) it will be hidden below the stairs that go to the upper floor. You can see here how it works. As any vise, it has a fixed jaw and a moveable jaw. The later is a technic liftarm connect to 2 axles. The upper axle makes the jaw go inward when the handle is rotated clockwise. The lower axle has a rubber band, and makes the jaw go outward when the handle is rotated anti-clockwise.