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  1. The wheels where made on a CNC machine
  2. What kind of tires are those ?
  3. Just Wanted to Share My Custom Wheels For The Wheel Loader . What Do You Guys Think ?
  4. Lobo723

    Where do you keep your Minifigures?

    I Converted a watch display for my minifigs. Hope you guys like it.
  5. Well Since I have a real 1961 Ragtop Bug I decided to recolor the 10187 to kinda match mi real bug. Here Are some pics of both I liked how It Turned out. What do you guys think?
  6. Lobo723

    10182 question

    Well since I have 2 nephews I bought 2 of the 8757 Visorak Battle Ram . I replaced the dark blue arches with grey ones and gave it to them to play with. So now I had enough arches for CC And market Street. Worked out good for me
  7. Lobo723

    REVIEW: 10218 Pet Shop

    Its funny had the same idea this is what it looks like when u put them together
  8. Lobo723

    LEGO 10220 Volkswagon Camper Van

    WOW cant Wait to get this one. Its perfect for me Lego And Volkswagen In One Just perfect
  9. Lobo723

    Lego Plastic Bags

    I just asked my sister she said its strong enough for things. She also said its going to have some fabric as a liner for the inside. Ill post pics of this when she does it
  10. Lobo723

    Lego Plastic Bags

    Today I got home from work & my sister asked if I had some yellow Lego bags. So i Asked what for?. She says " I got an idea " So I gave her my stash and this is what she started doing with them. she Cuts The ends of Then She Cuts Strips then she ties them together Then she works her magic with the hook (one bag makes this much) more bags added Then I asked what she was making and she said its a lego bag. So I Said a lego Bag out of Lego Bags? She Said Yup Ill post more pics as she Goes along
  11. Here's a couple pics with trains in the tunnel
  12. Yea I Wanted something simple so i left them on the base plates. It Also helps if they derail inside the tunnel and about being roomy yea i wanted nothing getting stuck inside
  13. Thanks everyone for your opinions ill try some out. It is a store that sells Lego pets LOL Like Mr Benn Said much easier to keep lol And yes its all lego inside heres a pic. I did it that way so if the trains derailed i could reach inside
  14. Well had my layout running for like a month. Then my nephews said it needed a tunnel so i decided to re do it. Its still a Work in progress but decided to share with you guys. Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions for improvement Welcomed
  15. Lobo723

    My Emerald Night Gold line Mis Printed

    Checked the mail And This is what was in the mailbox. And finally can complete my EN with this So it was fast in my opinion Thanks! Lego