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  1. Thanks! I have watched your video when I was building this, and they're really informative and entertaining. I'm glad that you like my work. Hello Tommy, I'm really happy to see your comment here. I love your tanks, they are really good! Fun fact about my video, most clips in the first part are at 50% speed, and 100% speed in the second part. Buwizz's 5.2V output is still too fast for realistic performance. I didn't find a way to put 4 buggy motors into the chasis at this size, and they're way more expensive than 12 L motors anyway :) I hope you were enjoying Girls und Panzer, since you built a StuG III from the show. I have already made another tank from GuP, and I'm finding time to film it. I hope I can upload it early next year ;)
  2. Thanks! Girls und Panzer's HP gave the 3 view drawing of every tank they used in the show, and that helped me a lot in building this! Glad you're liking it! As for your question, I might didn't understand it very well since my native language is not English. The axe and shovels are the tools that supposed to be there (on the real tank and also in the anime), and they are good greebles, too.
  3. I have noticed that problem. I was hoping to showcase more and waiting the first music to finish. For myself, it feels good by just watching my tank move (maybe that how kids are in parents' eyes :) I'll keep my future videos shorter, it's harder to edit when longer anyway ;)
  4. I'm happy that you're liking it :) I prefer to make details bigger when I don't have pieces with the exactly right size, and Sariels' muzzle brake took a good balance with the whole barrel, that's why I left it like that. And the shovel is actually not my idea, it's from Tommy Styrvoky's Tiger (P), sorry :)
  5. Thanks! I'm happy that you like it.
  6. Hello everyone, my name is NABLACK and this is my first post. This Porsche Tiger tank is from an anime called Girls und Panzer. It's mostly a normal Porsche Tiger but with a function to boost the performance. And to achieve that "boosted performance" in my Lego Porsche Tiger, I stupidly put 12 PF L motors into it. I got a lot of inspiration from Sariel's Tiger XL and Tommy Styrvoky's Tiger (P), and a lot of thanks and respect to them. Maybe there's too much Tiger tanks around there, but since I was planning to achieve a different feature, I think it would be fine to have another. Hope you will enjoy this. Specifiction: Scale: 1/18 Weight: 2.57kg (5.67lbs) Length(without barrel): 37.5cm (14.8in) Width: 19cm (7.5in) Height: 17cm (6.7in) Suspension: Oscillationg Bogies Power Source: Buwizz 2.0 x3 Propulsion: PF L motor x12 Gear Ratio: 1:1.667 Top Speed: 5km/h (3.1Mi/h) Other Electronic Parts: PF M motor x1 for turret rotation; PF M motor x1 for gun tilting; a pair of LED light Parts that's not original Lego: Buwizz 2.0 x3; Stainless steel axle x10; Stickers _DSC9262 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9265 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9283 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9290 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9282 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9297 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9301 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9302 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9449 by NABLACKS, on Flickr _DSC9479 by NABLACKS, on Flickr Visit flickr for more photos
  7. Thank you very much, it's good to hear that, and please do take your time. Looking forward to it! I'm using PS4 controller, didn't found any problem yet, though I didn't used that much.
  8. Hello, thanks a lot for the app, it works pretty well with my Sbrick and BuWizz 2.0. One thing I would like to ask for, maybe it's too much, is would you please add the function to switch BuWizz's output level while controlling? By now it seems only able to switch the output level in device management. It's good enough now, but it would be prefect for me to have this function. Anyway, still many thanks for this app!