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  1. Duel on Starkiller Base is, IMHO, a beautifully executed idea and a solid vignette. Compare it to eg. the recent duelling microfighters: the duel actually accurately captures the intended scene in spirit, and it's 80% because of its use of the hinge to represent Starkiller Base coming apart. I'll be picking it up for sure.
  2. DomMk

    Finch Posting

    I finally assembled my Finch several days ago and now he's sitting at his rightful place aboard the Cobalt Hammer. :) There's no doubt that Lego messed up but I agree that their attitude since has been nothing short of exemplary. I contacted them on two occasions with several days in between and customer reps clearly received adequate briefing after the initial wave of requests, which frankly seemed to absolutely baffle them. They were also exceedingly polite and forthcoming in all of our interactions. It'd be interesting to hear what happened behind the scenes. Isn't there a bunch of Lego ambassadors who might be able to inquire further?
  3. Sorry to hear about the sad Finch Dallow stories. I’d suggest trying again, via phone if chat didn’t work or vice versa, and being super nice to the person on the other end.
  4. Yeah, absolutely give it a go. Several of us have received Finch this way!
  5. DomMk

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

    I really like the exposed details on the leading edge of the bottom wing, especially the golden piping. Overall a very clean look and your choice of parts for the two smaller lateral wings makes them look like genuine aerofoils which is no small feat in Lego. :) The only thing that's bugging me a bit is the cockpit's positioning, which gives the whole craft the appearance of a hunched back.
  6. UK Finch Dallow saga update: There was a slight error in my order for Finch's helmet but now it's been fixed and it appears that both the head and the helmet (plus torso & legs) are on their way in the post. My customer rep also mentioned there were a few more heads & helmets left, but not very many. Customer service reps have also received more information about the issue in the meantime, so any UK fans should find it easy to get a replacement Finch – while stocks last!
  7. UK update in the Finch Dallow saga: Lego just informed me via e-mail that they’ve dispatched Part 6252065 (Finch’s head) to my address. Last week they sent the upper body, legs and small blaster. Hopefully the helmet soon follows suit!
  8. Incredible! :D I applaud their ingenuity.
  9. Freshly off the chat with Lego customer service (again). As always extremely nice but clearly the situation's a bit of a mess. My rep confirmed they're out of stock but suggested that maybe the database is being updated, which would explain why Procrastinathan got a different response. (I should stress they were guessing – don't turn this into a rumour.) They took my details and put in an order for the fig, or perhaps just the head & helmet; not quite sure, either way works. It may or may not arrive.
  10. Of course I'll report back if this ever comes to a happy ending. :) Your rep probably did log a complaint by the way – they keep track of every inquiry and there seems to be an internal review process for their reports.
  11. They called pretty much immediately afterwards. The warehouse confirmed that they're out of Finch Dallow stock in the UK. However if the minifigure is ever reintroduced in another set we should be able to contact Lego and they'll send it as they did to RogueTwo in the US. The customer rep also logged my complaint about the set and interest in the minifigure. If you have the time consider dropping them an e-mail or calling them to make customer service managers aware of the issue.
  12. Thanks for the tip RogueTwo! Just spoke to Lego customer service in the UK. They can't directly order "replacement" Finch Dallows because the set was discontinued in December 2018 and apparently the changeover happened sometime in September, or at least that's when Lego's internal note was published. My customer rep spoke to the back office to see if they had some stock left anyway (just not readily available in their database, which is restricted to sets which are currently being produced). After a minute or two on the line the rep came back to me and said the minifigure (or rather its head & helmet) might be in stock at their warehouse but under a different name. They'll let me know in the next few days.
  13. DomMk

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Sorry for the slow response. I think I've resolved the issue. As is sometimes the case, it went away when I swapped two superficially identical pieces. I essentially permuted the front vent assemblies so that ones with relatively low clutch sit at the top and more rigid ones attach at the bottom.
  14. The new shadow trooper print is remarkably close to Inferno squad's without the ammunition belt and therefore a potential upgrade for our Del and Seyn minifigs!
  15. DomMk

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Finally built this gorgeous model! To my surprise and delight it scales really well to Inthert's T-70 which I've had around for ages now (in blue and LBG). I appreciate inter-designer scaling consistency . :D Some incredible techniques and shaping throughout; I was especially struck by how rigidly you constructed the front fuselage and how you managed to implement all those subtle angles which are nonetheless absolutely essential to the X-Wing front silhouette. The gearbox, though slightly too rigid for my taste, is marvellous and I'm excited to see if you can transfer it to the T-70 with its even more challenging wing design. Two points though: 1) Regarding parts listed in BrickVault XMLs, I often have to replace separately listed left and right plate hinge pieces with the corresponding plate hinge assembly. I vaguely remember doing that for your models too and it's a simple change for future XMLs. 2) More seriously, opening S-foils knocks off bottom front engines! They're pushed against the diagonally attached wedge plate assembly which is held in place by a claw-and-turnstile connection on one end.