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  1. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    That Dewback-Sandtrooper Funnie is hilarious, one of the best
  2. Ackbar

    [MOC] Anakin's Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring

    Really great MOC! I especially like the hyperspace ring.
  3. Very nice poll! As an older (well, in the 35+ category...) AFOL, I'm only into OT (and occationally PT), mostly the UCS-series. Yet, I still voted there's a god balance. LEGO is also a toy, and has to follow trends, new series and appeal a big group of fans. If there would be more OT and UCS I would be very poor, so I'm happy NOT feeling the urge to buy everything...
  4. Really cool! I've never seen a MOC of this scene before. Original and Great details capture the speed and feeling in the scene. Good work!
  5. I totally agree with the previous post. This is a great build with limited pieces, the shape and feel of the speederbike is captured indeed. And contests with limited pieces to certain sets is a really interesting challenge!
  6. Ackbar

    [LDD MOC] Magdeon, the mighty frigate

    Wow! This is really a mighty frigate. I really like the round shapes and the frigate looks great from every angle. The top, front, side, back... Every angle contributes with something special. Great work, would love to see it built...
  7. Ackbar

    Astromech Workplace Contest Voting Thread

    28. wokajablocka - 2 10. Darkbane - 1 15. ACPin - 1 7. NinjaNin - 1
  8. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Thanks all! I can't help it. Here's another Malgus. Maybe not the funniest joke but it shows Malgus comic potential as I mentioned in a previous post.
  9. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    I haven't thought about those stains! Very funny
  10. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Thanks! I’ve read that many people hold Darth Malgus as one of the greatest minifigs of all time. But, the comments are almost always about his detailed chest piece so I tried to use that in a Funnie. I also think Malgus is a great minifig, but there’s something really funny about him as well. I think he looks like he is struggling really hard to look evil, menacing, and almost constipated. I might do more Funnies with him in the future! I borrowed the Friendsfigs from my daughters, those Friendsfig can make a quite scary army!
  11. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    I really enjoy this thread so I'll try to make a contribution: And a second one:
  12. Ackbar

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    The B-wing looks really great - a must buy for me! Can't complain much over the cockpit, pieces built up and around it to make the perfect size. My only concern (except the high price - of course) is those big orange spots... Stickers I guess (can anyone confirm?)... These spots must be placed in the exact middle of the plate, otherwise it will look weird. Oh I wish these are printed...
  13. Ackbar

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Great ones as always Oky! And that Dart Vader is fantastic!