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  1. Iminifig Tube

    PAD printing in lego torsos. Where?

    UV printing is a better choice than Pad printing for surfaces like LEGO torsos. If you are not printing on white torsos, you may want to prepare you image in different format then jpg. For example, Corel draw format. Otherwise the white colors in your jpg file will be ignored. Other light colors like yellow, light gray or light pink will not be perfect. I have my UV printing workshop. But for now (before April) I'm only making my own figures plus custom order for soccer players/basketball players torsoes. If you really cannot find anyone to help, you can contact me. Thanks
  2. LEGO England Premier Team of the year (List from PFA). How are you going to pick the team of the year?
  3. Iminifig Tube

    Change name request

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Iminifig Tube

    UV printers from Aliexpress??

    The current price for the smaller model is around 17K USD. It dropped once to around 15K last Christmas. I think they will have a good price drop again. I don't offer printing service for now, but probably later this year or sometime next year.
  5. I'm starting to share my customized minifig collections. Please let me know if it's OK. If you have any specific theme you want me to post, please let me know. First Theme: Legend of Zelda (mainly from Breath of the WIld) Breath Of The Wild Link In Champion's Tunic Breath Of The Wild : Princess Zelda Breath Of The Wild : Zora Princess Mipha Breath Of The Wild : Lady Urbosa
  6. Iminifig Tube

    What theme is good to post here

    Thanks a lot for the comments. I will try to remove commercial information here (like my username and store line). I will start posting my creations after that.
  7. Iminifig Tube

    Change name request

    Dear staff member. I've just joined eurobricks, and I would like to share my creations in the mini figure customization forum. By talking to senior members in the forum, I found that my username suggest that I'm here to sell. So I would like to change my user name from "Iminifig Store" to "Iminifig Tube", so it would give user a confusion that I'm here to sell. Is it possible to help me change my user name ? In the meantime, I removed the link to my store, and replaced it by my YouTube and twitter link.
  8. I'm new here, I'm trying to share my creations. I just want to know which specific theme is good/bad to post here. Is there any specific concerns like ownership/copyright. I'm planning to post Star Wars, Historical Soldiers, Legend of Zelda, Assassin's Creed, God of War, Fairy Tail, Star Trek, NBA, Soccer/UEFA/World Cup etc, or any new hot topics. Thanks
  9. Iminifig Tube


  10. Iminifig Tube

    Decal templates

    Typical torso size is 112x92 pixel, or 112x93 pixel. There is no standard size for arms and legs. If you use 2x2x2 style slope as skirt, it's width is 118 pixel.
  11. Iminifig Tube

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Thanks. I misunderstood the definition of purist. I will start another thread for those figures.
  12. Iminifig Tube

    LEGO School Picture Day

    Fund movie! Nice idea.
  13. Iminifig Tube

    [Flick] Jokemachine

    Very nice idea, very nice movie.
  14. Iminifig Tube

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Hi: I just want to know if there is a forum dedicated for LEGO animation/stop motion movie topics. If not, what is the best place to post them? Thanks I found it. Thanks
  15. Iminifig Tube

    UV printers from Aliexpress??

    Buying expensive items like UV Printer from Aliexpress is really depends on luck. Even the quality is good, you cannot get as much support as printers from vendors like Roland. To me, I would not buy printers without good support.