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  1. Was a little disappointed about only getting two sets. But aqua man mnakes up for it BIGTIME. I’m happy with this wave. I pray the summer wave will be good and we will get more than two sets.
  2. So I’m confused are we getting 5 or 2 sets for dc comics 2019 because this penguin dude says we will be getting five.
  3. Nah I’d rather have nothing it’s a waste of money with only 2 new characters (ocean master, firefly). I though Lego had it going good when I found out about JL sets back in 2017. I thought they would keep the trend to add new characters into the mix. But seriously Lego is just repeating itself with aqua man Batman and flash we got all of them this year now again next year smh, LEGO can do so much better. Or at least give us MORE than 2 sets
  4. Are we only getting TWO dc comics sets next wave pretty disappointing
  5. Hmm. Strange no word on captain America or iron man set very interesting
  6. No, that’s like 8 months away it comes out in July I think it’s to soon for summer leaks maybe in March
  7. Spider man FHH??? What does that mean??
  8. Isn’t it interesting that LEGO leaks are coming out now hmmm..... I do belive NYCC that weekend could be official set images. Instead of October because this is December sets not January March or April
  9. Think about it five set with only seven mini figures that makes no sense there is still a whole lot of room for new character. And don’t forget we are supposed to get that new variant of spider man who is not spider Gwen or peter Parker. I hope for agent venom or miles are my two most wanted to come out of this wave. But spider man 2099 and noir are good to bc of LEGO marvel superheroes 2
  10. I agree to me personally that sandman looks a little too feat is led to be in a junior set, and not gonna lie the vulture does look a little too detailed too. Rumor has it that all six Spider-Man set come out December first not January and December
  11. My question is will there be any more spider men, in a past leak there was a leak that suggests we will get older Spider-Man characters that we have gotten witch the only one was miles???? And some new ones key word new. So that means we still can see new villlains and new heroes i really do want a new miles tho. And new villains like lizard mr negative, kingpin hell I’ll even go for daredevil
  12. I find it totally odd that we are less than 12 days froms the official images to be released (October because that when all winter waves official set images come out) and yet we haven’t even seen a set list/ discriptions???? Very interesting
  13. I have got to say LEGO has done a good job at keeping me on my feet, there’s so many rumors and so much potential to what LEGO can put out in stores, all this waiting is killing me but it’ll be worth it. I strongly belive this could be the best winter wave in marvel ever. Rumor has it December 2018 spider man sets, in January comic based avengers sets?, and in March a4 sets with some sort of captain marvel set. In fact I totaled to 16 sets between December 2018 and April 19 that kinda a lot. And there still would be room for summer 2019 sets