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  1. Yeah, but all the hypes that fans have been wanting for years. I hope this isn’t a cheap way for people to get whatever they want out of lego. Me personally I think that places like yodas hut and obi wans hut are just horrible. They are incredibly over priced and not very interesting minifigures. The duel sets I’m okay with because lego comes out with good figures like, anakin, obi wan, and make windu. In fact the mace windu that came in the grevious set back in 2018 is one of my favorite minifigures. I want more action and I feel like lego has been drawing to much on the original and sequel trilogy (yes I know TROS just came out). But if prequel or clone wars had some love I would be perfectly satisfied. There are so many sets we want the lego passed windows of opportunity to give us. Minifg scale gunship, AT-TE, regular clone battle packs, droid battle packs. I like the idea of the $30 dollar packs, it can been really good if lego uses it right. For example if lego just used the $30 dollar pack thing to give us named clone battalions from now on. And give us a regular 15 dollar battle pack for droids and regular p2 clones then I promise lego is in good business.
  2. Is there tcw/prequel sets after this wave? For like 2021? Or should I start bundling up on this being the last clone wars wave? Because imo I don’t know what other battle the could do next year, I mean we most likely can see a droid battle pack then a p2 clone troopers battle pack. The only other that they can redo is those or maybe a rebel troopers battle pack. But idk. Because they have done all the other battle packs. now what’s left is a battle pack for clones a droids. Or is lego sticking to this new $30 dollar 501st type set build? Actually now that I think about it’s not a bad bargain. if lego gives us the same 501st set like $30 dollar build with 2 droids and 4 clones, that would sell like hotcakes. that’s only if lego switches it up every once in a while like, giving us a wolf pack, and droid pack and a 212th pack. however that’s a huge if and I highly doubt lego would do that. if lego did do that I would be so happy. Can you imagine the same 501st but with different troopers recon core, wolf pack, 212th, 41st. will lego do all these? most likely not. still high hopes though!
  3. It is a fact there’s no way I’m wrong. I’ve heard from someone who’s was there (supposedly). I have never met this person but he seems legit. And has specially asked to remain anonymous. I’m not say he’s 100% right he may even be a faker. I don’t even trust him fully but I’m 100% sure no clone wars sets, and if there is I will be shocked.
  4. It’s basically a fact by now. I’d hate to be the one to break it to you but I’m sure no clone wars sets. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. There is more than enough evidence to prove that it won’t happen (in this next wave at least). There was only person (who I think was there) who said the wave will only be mediocre (witch is very sad for TLG). And I suggest you take my word for it unless someone comes out says specifically otherwise.
  5. There will be no clone wars sets and that’s 100% proven now.
  6. You saying that LEGO has nothing else to give us other than TCW and Mandolorian is my thoughts exactly. But I did hear there were no clone wars sets. So idk what is going on at LEGO’s front office right now. The facts that’s you have presented have given me just a tad bit of hope for TCW sets. There you go. There’s my proof right there no LEGO clone wars sets now I’m 100% certain.
  7. Honestly I’m just stating a high educated guess. I almost promise you we won’t see any clone wars sets at least until the august wave hits. I seriously had high hopes in LEGO this year but as they always do is let me down. Might just give up LEGO as a whole because clearly it’s not the same experience as it used to be when the seat were actually good. By them not making mando or TCW sets LEGO missed a real opportunity to please fans and make money. TCW and mando sets are like they’re own money printers that’s like pretty easy money for LEGO right there I’m not gonna lie.
  8. It makes wanna sell all my LEGO I’m being dead serious I have given up hope in them as a business and corporation.
  9. No TCW sets coming I’m almost 99% positive
  10. Honestly I’m not a fan of the UCS sets. They don’t appeal to me they are to expensive and not to ideal minifigure scale. I’m more interested in what characters will come alongside with whatever UCS is chosen.
  11. I wouldn’t say a normal sized gunship is 100% out the window. If LEGO is nice to us I’d say there’s a 10% chance of getting both.
  12. Exactly, as far as will LEGO be even considering making Considering we haven’t had a 501st battle pack by now I’d say don’t get your hopes up. Sorry, but it is weird we haven’t seen one because hasn’t it been rumored for the past like 3-5 years? And they are super ICONIC in the Star Wars franchise.
  13. LEGO has a far better chance in mass producing clone wars sets this year. Will we get a whole probably not. Knowing LEGO it might just be a droid battle pack and a clone battle pack. Is it the best choice on legos part? Not really cause there or so many TCW places, fights and vehicles we have not gotten and/or need a remake. Such as a gunship, or cruiser. And I know for a fact if they make a 501st battle pack, or a phase 2 generic clone trooper battle pack, they will sell like hot cakes and LEGO will be bringing in all of the big bucks this year. I don’t mean to make a wish list or nothing, I’m just stating what I know will sell out and could bring LEGO a spike in revenue.
  14. JosiahJVL

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Um... clone wars 2020 sets? I really am hoping for generic phase 2 clone battle pack, 501st battle pack (will probably never happen), droid battle pack, republic cruiser, republic gunship, at-ats, republic dropship, droid tank and more Jedi star fighters. Lol considering this new season of Star Wars is only 13 episodes I highly doubt we get a huge wave. But I just want the battle packs mostly.
  15. Hey, it’s just my theory and I’m glad the embargo ended cause I really could use some F4 collectibles. Anyways with all the marvel (MCU). Stuff coming and the video game sets. I wouldn’t say F4 or X-men right off the bat in 2020. But maybe later down the line in 2021-2022, I do expect however for these characters to be on legos radar now since marvel own the characters again, and LEGO can make the figures because of their deal with marvel. So I do have high expectations for LEGO in 2020, more dual molded legs and better prints especially if dc is getting a cmf series.