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  1. Hi @msx80, I'm absolutely impressed by your software. I was pointed in it's direction by a friend, because I have a cathedral designed in LDD that I'm wanting to build slowly, but LDD couldn't handle it because I had to split it into 3 files, each with around 30,000 bricks (yeah, you read that right). Your software opened up the files and generated the instructions from the defaults in less time than LDD takes to open them! However, I've found a couple of issues and have a couple of suggestions. Firstly, the size of my models mean that every step generates a "bounding box overflow" error. Is there a way to change the zoom level or size or something? To give you an idea, the baseplates are a 3x2 grid of the 48x48 stud plates... and I'm assuming this error is the cause of the rendering issue visible in the attachment??? Secondly, inside the cathedral are some chandeliers hanging from chain lengths, but the chains are added in the first step despite there being nothing to attach them to at the time (you can see them as the vertical lines in the attachment)... I understand I can manually relocate them to later on in the build, but it'd be great to see them handled better by default I'd love to see some preferences or something, that allow me to set a default path for the tool to look for my models. Also to set some kind of limit on the number of pieces added per step in the default generation. My models have a couple of dozen per step. Thanks again though for your awesome efforts!