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  1. Hello Everybody! LegoBrick525 here! So i just Found out That There will be A Wave 2 To the "the lego ninjago movie" Minifigure Blind Bags. The Set number is 71022, And, these are the Minifigures (REMINDER: Minifigures Might change!) 1. Lady Iron Dragon 2. Lava Suit Garmadon 3. Shark Army Follower 4. Kai Smith 5. Ninja Jay 6. Pajama Lloyd 7. Shark Army General #3 8. Shark Army General #2 9. Fuschia Ninja 10. Volcano Warrior 11. Skeleton Warrior 12. Titanium Zane (Still has the Movie Suit) 13. Shark Army Hammerhead 14. Shark Army Crab 15. Spinjitzu Training Zane 16. Spinjitzu Training Kai (Black Spinjitzu Training Suit) 17. Nya Smith 18. Koko (Version 2.0) 19. Garmadon 20. Shark Army Thug