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  1. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

  2. Plate

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Nice!! When i was child i only had legoland city sets (some technic and space too). I had (and i have almost all bricks) a little city with the mythical monorail. My return of the dark ages was with modulars (Green Grocer). I owned the Kraken attack some years ago, (while collecting modulars) and keeped it appart without letting it mix with the rest of the sets, like a little treasure. What I like most about this set are the minifigures. When i saw the BSB it was like , oh, i´m on modulars but , i love this!! This has been my start with pirates, the BSB has inspired me to make MOCs. Now every day I like pirates theme more!!
  3. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    I want to see that!!
  4. Plate

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Mine was the Kraken Attack 6240. I didnt have any pirates when i was a child, only legoland houses, cars,etc
  5. I have built this model from the pieces of the Creator 31037 set (supports and minifigure are excluded). It is a one-person fast transport that is also used to transport loads on its front. I know it is very improvable but the challenge was to build it only with the pieces of this set. I hope you like it! Full album and video here:
  6. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    Thanks to everyone!!
  7. Plate

    [MOD] Monkey's Revenge

    I added a little monkey that I had from minifigure series 5, but its not the same...
  8. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    Miraculously, it doesn't fall! Even on the move ...
  9. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    Thanks! Its a little SNOT involved there . I found that the arches fit almost perfectly at the bow...
  10. Plate

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    I hope you like it! You can see it in motion here :
  11. Plate

    [MOC] Washing Tub Pirate Raid

    This is awesome! Not only have you made a superb MOC, but the story you tell is a lot of fun! Congrats!!!
  12. Plate

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    Nice MOC! I love the classic style!
  13. Plate

    [MOC] Redcoats Outpost

    Thanks! This is the first version I did, it has a more classic-pirates-style: Yes! I'm new to the pirates theme , i dont have imperial flags (only the pirates flags from BSB). The roof is inspired by that of the Palace Cinema.
  14. Plate

    [MOC] Redcoats Outpost

    It's been a long time since I built my last MOC. But I received my BSB some days ago ( new fan of Lego Pirates here!) and havent any soldiers. I bought 4 redcoats and while they arrived I did this outpost. Most of the boats approach from the east, so it has a loophole on that side. Access to the upper part is via a wooden staircase inside (there is a wooden hatch door). The lower part is also used as a prison, in case of capturing a pirate. I hope you like it ! Full gallery here: