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    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Same problem here. I dont know where I did a mistake. Checked it twice but couldnt find anything. :( However, I finished it and I will fait few months to rebuild it with the update from @jb70. I want to wait a little bit, maybe he adds few new things in the coming weeks or so. :D
  2. mo351

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Where can I find a photo of the back?
  3. mo351

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Me too! Im excited to see what @jb70, @Didumos69, @DayWalker will do for new very nice mods. :D
  4. Thank you all for your helpfull answers! I did a new build with the instructions from @jb70. Thank you too @Didumos69 for your improvements and ideas! @jb70 did you think about a new update with 4 wheel steering?
  5. I mean this here:
  6. Yes, its not a good idea creating instructions with ldd. :( Now Im looking at @jb70's version, but Im not sure which version has more features.
  7. Hey, can you explain why you need less additional parts than didumos when you implemented all the fixes from his moc? I want to use your building instructions, but I'm confused if you implemented all the fixes from didumos build or not. Can you help me please?
  8. Thanks mate. With the lxf I can create building instructions which has all these features, right? Sry for these questions, I'm new at modding. - 4th to 1st gear block - Hand of God steering - Hand of God shifting - Sturdy without body - Geared up engine - Dash gear indicator - Ackermann steering - Stabilized gear rack - Secured wishbones - Improved clearance - Improved shifters (video link) - Removable body
  9. Can you upload the instructions how you filled the gap hole between the headlights?
  10. Hey, I have a question about the parts list. There are numbers for the color of the brick but I don't know how to identify which number is which color. Can someone help me please?
  11. Hello, can you update your post with new images please? I want to use your instructions but without pictures its not so easy.. Thanks!