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  1. NeilJam

    Speed Champions Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Some vehicles I'd like to see them do so for SC including haulers (as in 75875): Tyrrell P34 Lamborghini Countach Subaru Impreza WRX Chevy - 70s Stingray Vette, 80s Camaro, Avalanche Chrysler/Dodge - Viper, PT Cruiser, Ram 3500 (dual rear wheels) Mercedes AMG G63 6x6 It would be nice if they could do another set that includes a large truck (like the Ferrari race team) and make further use of their license with Mack. Maybe a standard car hauler scaled to fit five or six SC cars.
  2. NeilJam

    Lego Technic Figures

    The figures certainly piqued my interest and helped get me into Technic with the release of the Arctic Action series. I have a few of those guys plus just one additional later figure. I regret not getting more back in the day, but that was during the time when my Lego acquisitions waned in my teens and 20s. I want to add more figures to my collection so I've been looking into prices lately. Wish Lego would bring them back and add a female version plus other heads/hairstyles. Perhaps they could do another sub-theme and figure pack to test popularity.
  3. NeilJam

    Lego Technic Compact Excavator

    Looks like there are some liftarms you might be able to attach long tiles to using 1/2 pins with hollow studs. Possibly the uppermost horizontal one and the outer sides of the two going down from that to the bucket. I can see how most other areas would block functionality.
  4. I've never noticed these single Super Tires for rear tires, but I've never heard of them to even think to look for that. I'll have to watch for this on trucks when I'm out. I downloaded a brochure for the real life Mack Anthem. The back tires are not very clear in most of the pictures, but it does appear to have wide single tires for the rear axles in a couple pics. However, the front tires are not as wide, so now the inaccuracy may be the front tires. I would still prefer duallies and the London Bus tires look like they could work from that image.
  5. I need to stock up on batteries, It seems like everything I want now has Power Functions. Not really a bad thing, just expensive. #42080 is a vehicle type I don't recall seeing done previously in Technic. #42082 looks impressive, hopefully it doesn't have the flaws of previous giant cranes. Judging by the accessory pieces, they both fall into the approximate 1/18 scale that I prefer for my collection. They missed an obvious opportunity with #42081. This model should have been produced as an an RC vehicle. Would make perfect sense for an autonomous vehicle with no driver. Might have been too many PF sets though without keeping one of the others back for next year.
  6. NeilJam

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    This doesn't look like 4000 pieces in the pictures I've seen. The structure adds a bit to it but can't be too much as it seems to be about the size of the container included with the Mack.
  7. Seeing this set rekindled my interest in Technic. I always loved Mack trucks as a kid (they were all Macks to me for a while no matter who manufactured them) and of course Lego was my favorite toy. To have them come together in this set is great. I was quite disappointed by the lack of tires in this set, particularly when Lego likes to say they produce more tires each year than any other company..Is no one at Lego familiar with the term 18-wheeler? I replaced those wide tires using these wheels from the Model Team Whirl and Wheel Super Truck. Unfortunately they are slightly smaller (by 0.4mm according to bricklink) than the original wheels causing the back mud flaps to drag. It also looks to have too much of a gap between rear axles with these. I did not want to use stickers on the sleeper compartment panels yet as I may rebuild the sides with regular Lego bricks to have an actual window. For this reason I built the doors entirely out of dark bluish grey pieces to completely remove the black stripe on the side, but kept the top of the hood and cab black. I filled the small window hole in the passenger door with a clear 1x1 brick and 2 plates. Glass-less windows is one aesthetic of Technic I dislike. It's passable due to the large size and varying shapes used in models, but in this case it just looked like a hole as opposed to a window frame. The trailer is also severely lacking for a truck of this size but I understand the Mack was the focus of the set, I want to build a larger trailer or two. I'd very much like a standard box trailer but that would take a lot of panels. Can't afford to get enough Technic panels for that at this time, but may have enough dark blueish grey 1x6x5 bricks in a random box of parts I got from TRU. Foremost, I'm planning to build a low-boy trailer with a detachable gooseneck or flip-toe ramps, possibly triple axle. Hopefully I have enough yellow Technic bricks from #8855 Prop Plane for this. What other licensed Technic sets are the right scale to act as cargo? The Claas Xerion is quite large, but that might be accurate considering the size of the real thing, though I've only found one good photo of it on a truck trailer for comparison. I also thought the Volvo EW160E might be in scale, but may not necessitate a trailer that large on it's own. Unlicensed suggestions (maybe the upcoming Rough Terrain Crane?) are also welcome.