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  1. yanwilma

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    beautiful moc, the colors stand out beautifully. built with an eye for detail, so there is a lot to see and it has come into its own. congratulations
  2. yanwilma

    Leshy in lumberjacks' camp

    beautiful build, the palm leaves as needles work fantastic indeed.
  3. yanwilma

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    thanks, yes in Lelystad they built a real copy. and they did it really beautifully. It was also very useful for me to see how they did that. There was a lot of information available on the internet. I have a compromise with the woman, because he had to be removed from the living space, the masts removed and stored in the attic . I'm currently building a cutter, so it's a lot smaller and since most of it is finished, I'm going to get around to parts.
  4. yanwilma

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    oh thanks captain!! What an honor, I'm glad you liked it! prost thanks thanks ,and i also love the minifig ,they couldn't be missing thanks for nice comment
  5. yanwilma

    [MOC] HMS Lydia

    well done, the stairs made from wedge plates are well found, and the additions of cat heads and even hawses make it detailed,it is often small additions that make a world of difference
  6. yanwilma

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    thanks GeoBrick, yes I spent some time on some details... such as the tarms of the gallion, scuppers for the water overflow of the deck, the place where the helmsman looks through. the ((berghout)) (wale) in the dark brown was also not easy to tune because there are only a limited number of slopes and it has to be slightly outside the planking,but you have to look carefully because it blends in with its surroundings. And no, I have no plans to take it with me to a Lego event. After 2 years (to get in the way according to the woman )I promised to get rid of it before Christmas. and I need parts for my next idea :D
  7. yanwilma

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    thanks rogue redcoat for posting photos Brickander Brickumnus your welcom Frauces thanks for comment, I built the Batavia on a scale of 1:40 and I think it's big, but Willem Vos built it on a scale of 1:1!!that's crazy!
  8. yanwilma

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    thx, for the shape I based myself on plans of a wooden model, redrawn to scale 1:40 and then a lot of measuring. It is of course Lego and it is difficult for me to plan or file it, but it will rarely be more than a cm off For example, there are 2 sloping steps on the gallion, so I could only place 1 there. I also couldn't get the slope in the gallion. The foremast is perpendicular to the deck, but due to the topmast and yards it bends over a bit. The main mast and mizzen mast are slightly set back, but as a result of the topmast and yards they also bend forward a bit. The galleries were also a challenge because they run both upwards and inwards... and in that color it was not easy (little choice).I could solve the mast problem by rigging, but on that scale the masts are very flexible and very difficult for me to rig.but it was a lot of fun to make, and time for something new.sorry if something is not clear, I am not used to working with a PC and am still searching. i think if you click on a photo you will go to my flickaccount and see more photos? thx Sebeus I ,ik wou een houten model bouwen enkele jaren gelden...tot ik op een lego beurs werk van u zag, ik werd weggeblazen..je hebt echt al prachtig werk geleverd!
  9. Hi, I present the ship 'Batavia' that sailed for the VOC in the early 17th century, but was wrecked on its maiden voyage. I built it a long time ago, but now that I'm going to dismantle it again, I first want to show it to you again, because I'm proud of it too. if anyone wants a detailed photo of something, don't hesitate because within a week or 2 it will slowly sink... also many thanks to you (the forum) because it often gave me inspiration. it is on scale 1/40 lengt = 158cm ,h=135cm,br=60cm
  10. yanwilma

    City Gate

    Thx, I'm a nostalgic person, it was a few decennia's ago that I build something from the classic castle set. So for me it was a trip to memory lane.
  11. yanwilma

    City Gate

    Thx GeoBrick for your kind words. The poor rat has an exit, don't worry see the picture below . About the prisoner, there is a door, you can find other pictures on my flickr-account I find a picture of the anderlecht Gate at a book. published for Brussels and is about the history of Brussels. so we know that every city gate, including the laeken and leuvense etc, had a drawbridge, portcullis and prison originally it has a roof and is a bit bigger, but I don't have that many bricks P1170288 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr
  12. yanwilma

    City Gate

    thx for the kind words AV_Guy, glad you like it. thx al lot for your kind words. I based my moc on the Anderlechtse Cate in Brussels. and in that time there were no rocks in the water, the water stands still and was algae green, it was a moat and not a river. But you are right,it's a little bit to same. Next time I will try something else Thx for your kind words Grover, I think I made a mistake and posted it wrong, I hope that someone will make it right soon. I had the same feeling when I saw at first the rounded 1x2 plates. I am also happy with the results of the rounding, so I'm going to use them more.
  13. yanwilma

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    wow, very well done! not only the interior is beautifully detailed but also the exterior is beautifully finished. For me personally worth a front page. congratulations and keep on brickin
  14. yanwilma

    City Gate

    hey everyone, this represents a city gate. I have provided them with a gate and drawbridge, prisson and wallcarpets. I hope you like it , for me it was fun to build. C&C always are welcome P1170237 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr P1170229 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr P1170260 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr P1170257 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr P1170271 by wouter de smedt, on Flickr
  15. yanwilma

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    wow....Congratulations on your wonderful work !!