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  1. English 3th rate Agamemnon minifig scale

    Thx for your comment. Off course you can coppy what you want, because that is the reason why I post this on this site. You have been wright about the collor of the grey deck, the problem is when you almost finish you see some faults and rebuilt again ... and rebuilt ..... . When I start riging I saw other faults like the mast are to thick , the shape of the bow is not good enough , but I start riging because otherwise it wil never finished and I have to learn a lot about riging aswell . I posted this ship before I brick it off and restart again with another vessel .
  2. English 3th rate Agamemnon minifig scale

    thx everyone for the nice comment, here are some more pics.
  3. agamemnon (7) by wouter de smedt, on Flickr Hello everyone, this was my first real moc . The meaning was to make the first part of the ship because I don't have any parts, but when I started inspiration came and this is the result. I took al lot of inspiration of this site, so I want to give a little bit back to mayby inspire others.Comment and critic always welcome.