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    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    thanks for the info and I apologize for the apparent conflict the topic started. I've found the info I need - Sorry but I won't be back to this site - I'm disabling my membership to this board. The polarization of our country is at an all time high - seems like whether your on the highway or in the grocery store or reading the news online it's a constant barrage of controversy and arguments. I participate in Legos partly for the fun I have with the grandkids but also because I don't find any of that national conflict argument crap in them. To find here, on a lego site when discussing plastic toys is ludicrous. Have fun kids. Thanks for the info EZ
  2. Hey All - I'm new and there is probably a thread here somewhere that answers my questions, so I apologize in advance for asking before really looking. I started buying and building the 66051, 60052 and others with some vague idea that I'd find a spot in the house and set up a fun layout. As a young man in the 70's I got into slot cars and I think I had some idea of incorporating those track layout concepts with the Lego trains. I like spirals as a method of changing levels and I'd like three levels - I keep seeing these videos online of people making these really long layouts that run from room to room in a house. I am determined to take a trip to visit the grandkids and take enough track that we can do a full house layout - With that kind of goal in mind I started looking and just buying pieces of track they cost 1.25 and up. I was hoping there would be a way to buy it bulk and get a better price but so far I haven't seen anything that looks workable. I'm an old dude on a fixed income - where do those folks in the videos get all that track???? Garage sales and flea markets????? Any advice you can give would be warmly welcomed. If I'm way out of line thinking I could do this for a few hundred dollars I need to know. I have high hopes for my layout and hope to soon share a vid of it - Thanks in advance EZ