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  1. AfolFree


    Note that the top should work almost as well as the bottom :)
  2. AfolFree

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    So far the worse I had was one or two cracked pieces and some really dirty ones, but overall great experience. If you are new to bricklink, try above all to reduce the number of different sellers you buy to : shipping handling is the real cost of all this, no point in saving a few cents on a piece if you are going to pay over 30% of S&H
  3. AfolFree

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    If memory serves you can upload a LDD file directly on bricklink.
  4. Excellent buzz droid design !
  5. Got the 20th anniversary Slave I for may the 4th. Aside from the Hoth diorama and the naboo fighter polybag, my Lego Store was also giving away the Kessel Mine Worker. Not the most exciting minifig but I didn't have it yet so... nice :) Also just got 8 planet Series (9674-75-76-77-78 75006-007-008) on eBay for 64€ shipping included, a deal I'm quite happy with, those little things are really growing on me, much better display value than I expected in the first place.
  6. AfolFree

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Apparently this was some kind of mistake, I was just asked to pay again
  7. Point taken :) There's still no way this could have included a retro minifig.
  8. Yes and no, there are 20th anniversary polybags and they don't include a minifig, retro or not, and the darth vader bust also has the 20th anniversary packaging and 0 minifig. I'm the devil's advocate here, because I understand your logic. But from TLG point of view, those are promotional sets, not the 5-sets wave which was released simultaneously with 5 of the most iconic characters of the OT. As someone who did purchase those five sets, I would actually be a bit angry to see a 6th collector retro-minifig released a month later out of the blue in a promotional set. Anyway, this could just be TLG making sure they still maintain some sens of diversity/creativity/surprise : not everyone would be happy to have a minifig exclusive every single may the fourth, every year, and it's not like this Hoth set is a complete joke.
  9. AfolFree

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Thank you !
  10. AfolFree

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Can someone confirm the exact length of the MOC ? I got a 130cm shelf and I wonder if it would be enough to hold it ?
  11. AfolFree

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Well, now you know how europeans feel when they need to buy pieces in the US
  12. AfolFree

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    Excellent ! The forced perspective on Part 12 is awesome :)
  13. In the case of the Tantive IV, yes ! For UCS sets, there is room for debate.