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  1. AfolFree

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    Damn Part 27 is just amazing
  2. AfolFree

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    I saw it built in my local Lego Store the other day, and even as someone who owns the UCS MF I was stunned by the size of this thing. I just don't have 700€ to put in it at the moment, but I must say, once you see it "in the flesh" it looks like a decent price-to-volume-of-stuff ratio. It really looks more impressive/intimidating than the Falcon.
  3. I was pretty sure the box art didn't do Yoda justice, and it seems it really was the case. There are still some angles that feel weird, but overall it is a very convincing scuplture, I might just buy it.
  4. Snowspeeder and Slave I
  5. For non-french speakers, the main info in this review is the weight of the thing, very similar to the weight of the MF. Which would make it technically cheaper. I doubt it. They already retired two UCS sets quite recently and the Y-Wing is barely 1-year old.
  6. AND the gray levers, yay ! I think it looks a bit too retro (really LOTS of studs) especially compared to the most recent UCS sets. I actually had high hopes for wedge tiles becoming a reality with this set :'( Also, with so many quality ISD MOCs out there (granted, they easily have twice or thrice the number of pieces), it definitely doesn't look as impressive as it should have. Still a cool set, if it ever reaches 550€ or less it will be mine.
  7. Whatever the cost, count me in for the instructions ! I'm usually not a big fan of interiors in smaller-than-minifig scale ships, but this one simply is a masterpiece. And on a Mon Cal of all ships !
  8. AfolFree

    [MOC] "The Empire Strikes Back" Skyline

    Fair enough, it is such a small ship !
  9. AfolFree

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I believe it was said the panels could be replaced with good old bricks (3 1x4 stacked). However I don't know if anyone actually did it and had some feedback on the impact of the added weight.
  10. AfolFree

    [MOC] "The Empire Strikes Back" Skyline

    The locations and overall look are amazing ! My favorite is definitely Dagobah, extremely organic, the trans-green tiles work really well and Yoda's hutt... wow ! In my humble opinion, Hoth looks a bit empty, even with the probe droid (and what I assume is Ben's hologram ?). Echo base itself is really well rendered but a T-47 with some orange parts would really light everything up. Maybe even add a Star Destroyer hovering it ? On the other side, Bespin and the cloud car are nothing short of perfect, however the clouds feel a bit "cartoony" to me. Really just my 2 cents on possible improvements to a really well done MOC :) Congrats !
  11. Agreed, it would also make it easier to find advices on the hardest MOCs. I'm pretty sure Cavegod's Sandcrawler and Mortesv's Nebulon B could be pinned in this subforum
  12. AfolFree

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Damn I almost bought the wheels in LBG and decided to go with white, as it was more consistent with the movie and what Kit originally used, but the LBG definitely seems to work very well too !
  13. AfolFree

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Sure thing ! I'm definitely waiting for the instructions for your B-Project ! (and I have no idea where I will display it, it looks massive ) Thanks for your feedback about the cockpit, it is good to know that it was not something wrong with my build. It really is not visible unless your know it's there. After a few days I think I will just leave it just the way it is !
  14. AfolFree

    [MOC] "A New Hope" Skyline

    One or two X-Wings flying off Yavin toward the death star would really be icing on the cake for this one :)