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  1. come2me


    It will perfectly fit with the old models of the pirate collection !!
  2. come2me

    [MOC] [WIP] Liebherr LTC 1050.3 (Mediaco Design)

    This is an impressive model, and it is very hard to work in a such little scale !! Congratulations !!
  3. come2me

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    Incredible building as always with you ! I can't wait to see the instructions i will be the first one to buy it !!! Do you plan a day to make a 8 or more axle mobile crane with these tires ? It would be for sure incredible with your building skills !!!
  4. come2me

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I found 2 years ago 2 5571 complete black cats for 70 € each. And a complete 8485 for 39 € on ebay !!! But my best one is for 80 €, 3 years ago in a french site ( : It was really 80 € for all the models you can see in the pictures !!! There was a little box too with some pieces to complete the models. My wife couldn't believe it when i went back, my car was full of legos !!!! I never found such a big bargain. I got it because i lived near the man who sold his sons legos...
  5. come2me

    [MOC] Terminator T-800 bust (INSTRUCTIONS)

    WOOW incredible building, and thanks a lot for the instructions. I think it would be even greater with chromed pieces (i have an idea for my next project...)
  6. come2me

    Tyrrell P34 1:5

    WOOOOW incredible building !! More incredible than all your other cars imo. Do you plan to make instructions for it, like for the other ones ? In this case, i would be certainly the first one to buy it !!
  7. come2me

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    Of course it is yours, i found the sticker on ebay There are about 550 chromed pieces, for a price between 0.80 € for the little ones, and 12€ for the quarter domes, in total it cost about 1000 € for all the pieces. And despite the chroming, the pieces fit perfectly, with a bit stronger clutch than normal pieces. There are about 4000 pieces for the model
  8. Hello, i am proud to share for my first post one of my creations with you : a chromed naboo royal starship. The pieces were chromed by chrome block city (very nice man and very beautiful pieces) Hope you like it :)
  9. Hello, i am a new member in your forum. I am particularly fond of technic and star wars models and MOCs. I will present some of them in your forum very soon ! Kind regards.