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  1. The Secret Walrus

    [Galidor Category B] Dreejal Vin

    Dreejal Vin by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr A sprawling cyberpunk metropolis, Dreejal Vin is certainly one of the liveliest realms in all of the Outer Dimension. I'm 99% sure I managed to fit a reference to every Dreejal Vin episode from the show so hopefully some of you Galidor fans will have fun finding them. There's some more pictures over on my Flickr, but there's also an Imgur album with a ton of extra photos for people who want to get all detailing.
  2. The Secret Walrus

    [Galidor Category A] Under the Sea

    Under the Sea by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr A lowly seahorse enjoys some peace and quite below the waves, but it better not get too close to Gorm's sea-mines! Worth noting that the 'mines' aren't photo-shopped in, they're attached to stands made out of Galidor parts that are positioned really close to the camera.
  3. The Secret Walrus


    My first MOC I'm posting here. Hope ya'll like it! Oni.X by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr Made a Think Tank for Marchikoma. I needed to get this up before the end of the month so a couple of things are a little unpolished but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Oni.X (alt views) by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr
  4. I'd also like to second what Poor Disadvantaged has said. I was personally pretty gutted to find out I can't enter since this is a contest I would have a lot of interest in. I didn't feel particularly great when I started planning what I wanted to enter only to find out I was ineligible (and if I recall correctly that rule was added after the contest was initially announced, and was only a rule for voting before then). Me and a great many other builders are fairly new blood when it comes to the MOCing scene so many of us have never really stumbled across Eurobricks until now (many newer MOCists may not have even heard of Eurobricks until now, or only heard it in passing). Me, as well as others on my behalf would be extremely grateful if some sort of solution could be reached, whether it be the removal of the rule or some sort of white-list for newer MOCists, or some other solution. Thanks, Anthony.