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  1. Is there a way to import designs from LDD to without having to rebuild them completely? How should I do this? Thanks for your reply
  2. legoig2000

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    Here is my second MOC. This time I present to you: The E.T. Spaceship. In 1982 the film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial released. It has since been a very successful film, both in children and in adults. So I decided to make a set of the spaceship from the opening and closing scenes. For the interior I based myself on what was shown in the film. Here are some photos... The interior is easily accessible because the walls can turn outwards. The MOC contains 866 bricks. The included minifigures are: Elliott, E.T., Michael, Gertie, Maria (mother). I am thinking of making this my first LEGO Ideas project. What do you think? Would you support that or not? Thanks for all comments! They are more than welcome.
  3. legoig2000

    Lego Fantastic Beasts Obscurus Attack

    Sorry for Dutch. I changed it. Actually I speak Dutch and I use Translate. I think that instead of copying the translation, I just copied the original version. Thanks for the reply.
  4. legoig2000

    How should I place a moc?

    That is no Longer necessary, my moc is already there. Thank you.
  5. Here is my moc from Fantastic Beasts Obscurus Attack! I made the metro station from the film together with the Obscurus on a transparant pole. The station consists of a wall with the platform and a platform with a column. The minifigures are Newt (Newton) Scamander, Percival Graves and Credence Barebone. I have chosen to make it look like real LEGO sets. That is why I have made the walls with technical components solid. Because the Obscurus in the film has no fixed form, it can turn in all directions. The tentacles can move freely and the Obscurus itself has two turning plates. He looks very asymmetrical. Here are more photos ... Thanks for the comments!
  6. Hi, I made a moc but I can not post it because the photos of LDD are too big. How does it work? Thanks for the comments
  7. legoig2000

    Building LEGO sets with only separate parts.

    These sets are just for myself, of course. I do not want to sell them or something. I am thinking mainly of fairly old Creator sets. I do not want to risk doing this with Star Wars sets because there is a possibility that LEGO will recreate them but then improve them. I started this conversation because it is actually quite difficult for me. It has a value that you can not explain. For example, I have seen a video with which you can make old, somewhat discolored Classic Space parts back "normal". I would not do this because that discoloration does it right. That makes them seem real. And that is not the case with separate parts ...
  8. Lately I am thinking of building old LEGO sets that I do not have with separate parts via Bricklink. My question now is: do those LEGO sets have the same value or the same feeling? Minifigures are of course also included. I then copy the instructions via Brickinstructions. Thank you for answering.
  9. legoig2000

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really can not wait to see the set. I will not be able to buy it. He is far too expensive ... I am going to buy some minifigures appart and maybe I will also buy some parts of Hogwarts by buying only those bricks.
  10. legoig2000

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    I sincerely regret that this moc will never become a set. I had bought it immediately. I would love to see him at my home. Is it possible to get instructions from this fantastic set?
  11. legoig2000

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm glad that the rumors about the Knight Bus are not right. Too bad that there are currently no other sets for Fantastic Beasts. A new Dumbledore or Theseus Scamander character occurs in the sets. I have also heard rumors about Nicolas Flamel in Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald. A small Hogwarts set from Fantastic Beasts would not be wrong. I miss the Demiguise a bit ...
  12. legoig2000

    [ MOC ] Jurassic World Raptor Transport

    Very nice design. Nice use of technic bricks. For me this is how a LEGO set should be. Are instructions available?