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  1. Luis Gonzalez

    Lost when coming back to Lego 30 years later

    I've found some info regarding my own question I copy the text The OpenSource software BrickStock allows you to import set inventory lists from BrickLink (for official sets) and from LDraw files (which can be exported from your own design in LDD). You can then subtract the parts of another set from the ones of your model which leaves you with the missing pieces (ignoring negative numbers).
  2. Luis Gonzalez

    Lost when coming back to Lego 30 years later

    Thanks! Why did they change to studless? I suppose they had their reasons.
  3. Luis Gonzalez

    Lost when coming back to Lego 30 years later

    Thanks a lot my friends! Very helpful. Now I have some clues to follow. Yes, lots of new staff. I've been surprised by some clever new pieces along the process of building the big mobile crane. I also like cars, trucks and anything that "works". Building, understanding and improving them appeals the engineer boy in me. Right, sw means software. Besides bricklink and ldd these people seem to use cad and other staff which I don't know if I really need. Being more specific about my questions, in some threads the expert builders were talking about MODs. It seems that they had prepared instructions and a list of pieces. Then others could substract the original set to come up with a list of additional pieces. Then order them via internet. But I don't know how / where to do it. I guess I can research more myself but is there a guide to it, or at least the names of the resources I need? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, First of all let me introduce myself. I tried to find the "hello my name is" thread but the link didn't work. I'm Luis, Spanish, 43 years old and I'm back into Lego Technic after 30 years. I loved building but then life became more difficult and full of other things. Last year I decided to build something I dreamt -but couldn't afford- when I was younger. With my kids we built the 42009 crane and I was proud (until I saw what the master builders were achieving). Wow! Anyway, I'd like to go further. I've already improved some details but I'd like to follow some of the MOCs or try to make some. The problem is that I'm a bit lost in this new universe. I see there are online stores, forums, places to share instructions, lists of parts, sw to design Lego, files, MOCs (and a lot of other letters), etc. People talk about things I don't even know. And I can't find a guide for new-old beginners. Can someone give me an overview? I've tried to search the forum before asking, but only found the glossary and the rules. I'm sure other people are in my same situation. Thanks in advance. :)