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  1. How powerful are those angular motors for tracks in compare with PF XL or L motors? Because I was thinking about to build it with PF functions.
  2. In my opinion, it´s actually pretty acurate. Those ships are pretty empty in the movies. So no seats. If i remember correctly, in the yesterday interview the designer said that it´s good that this gunship don´t have a landing gear because that could cause difficulties for designing.
  3. It kind of looks like something from the world of Hayao Miyazaki. I like all the colors and nature.
  4. Finally done with my entry for the contest
  5. Jyn´s ship by Matt Allsopp. It´s basically an early concept for U-Wing from Rogue One. Picture below is from the book called The Art of Rogue One. jyn´s ship by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr It´s roughly in minifig scale. The ship is about 60 centimeters wide, 56 centimeters long and approximately 23 centimeters high but that depent on the barrel position. 20210606-_MG_1096 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr 20210605-20210605-20210605-_MG_1016 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr 20210605-20210605-_MG_1011 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr There are some features. Turnable main cannon, openable door. Easily removable roof from main hull, upper hull, cockpit and corridor. Also retractable landing gear. 20210606-_MG_1099 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr 20210605-20210605-_MG_1010 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr Landing gear is powered with three large pneumatic cylinders. One for each leg. So the upper hull hides a hand pump and air tank. When you want to disconnect the upper part it´s necessary to unplug one hose. 20210605-20210605-_MG_1070 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr 20210605-20210605-_MG_1057 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr
  6. So here´s my chassis. I´m still not sure about the rear axle.
  7. Well i´m a little bit disappointed by the greebling on the superstructure
  8. Jzawesak

    REVIEW: 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

    That´s pretty good start for some fallout moc
  9. Well I miss some roll cage like 42077 had.
  10. For wings , do you want to use same folding mechanism as 10212 have?
  11. Oh Jeez, how long it took to you make this?
  12. Did you assume that this topic is not about your collection?
  13. It´s funny how tiny this thing is. btw. the blue crane is 42042.
  14. I´m a bit dissappointed by the lack of cargo bay, but the back part is much better than the old.