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  1. 1 hour ago, Bublehead said:

    . I mean, I went from 5 UCS Star Wars sets in June of 2017 (I had given my older Lego to my brother, some $8000 to $10000 worth from 1977 to 2008 and that is an underestimate I am sure, since that is an original costs estimate based on buying it on sale and discounted usually and the fact I would buy multiple copies of flagship sets to build both A and B models and a third set to put in the parts bins.)  to now I have over 50 models worth in the collection again after tracking down most of the flagship sets I had missed and buying everything  Technic that comes across the local Craigslist. 

    Did you assume that this topic is not about your collection?

  2. 11 hours ago, Jar Jar Bricks said:

    Brick Ministry has a speed build of the new x-wing up on YouTube. I have to say it looks fantastic, the new wing mechanism works greats as well as additional rubber bands so that it doesn’t get as much warping of the wings. I think most of all I love the attention to detain on the back of the ship.

    I´m a bit dissappointed by the lack of cargo bay, but the back part is much better than the old.

  3. Hello everyone,

    I would like to show you my first MOC, except things I build as a "grom". It´s a snow groomer inspired by the PistenBully and winch is more like Prinoth.

    27309062918_971d10d271_c.jpg9 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr


    1 piston for moving the tiller

    2 small pistons for extensions of the tiller

    5 pistons for moving the front blade and another two for the side wings

    manual pump with one air tank and 6 valves

    bogie suspension for the white wheels and tiller suspension

    rear axle is connected via transmission to a fake V6 engine.

    transmission only function is connect or disconnect the rotation of the tiller as the think is moving, it´s controlled by the white lever in the cab

    manual rotation of the winch and manual winch with gear worm

    41183324761_2324ee67ff_c.jpg1 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr


    lenght: 50cm

    width: 35cm

    height: 24cm

    weight: about 2130g

    26310659437_42773f212c_c.jpg10 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr

    More images