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  1. Just saw them. The droid for antilles is r2a3
  2. On a completely separate note, does anyone know what the minifigs are for the OT X-wing that's coming out this summer? I know it's two droids and two pilots, and one pair seems to be Luke and r2d2
  3. All very much true. My comment wasn't to say there aren't parts of the film that look appealing. There's a lot about it that looks awesome. Still, rogue one's troubled production with reeshoots (not uncommon whatsoever in the movie world) and such aren't even close to the mess that seems to be floating around Solo. Star Wars is one of my favorites, and I'll give any film a chance.
  4. At this rate after it's release or a few days before. They're not keen on releases, right now. I asked about the black vip card, and they said that if anything does happen we'll know within the two weeks before may the 4th. It used to not be that late, but the situation with solo as a whole is messed up because they didn't move it to december like the other movies. Makes me suspicious as to the quality of the film.
  5. Thanks. Found him with a quick google search. Tbh I like the one from UCS slave I with printed legs and arms better.
  6. So a few people have mentioned a leaked boba fett. Where was he seen?
  7. I wouldn't expect that, but for the people who sat out through the waiting list and fought and clawed their way to their falcon, I think we deserve more. I'll call in to my local store and see what info they have.
  8. Shame. Still no nien numb. I was hoping he'd be a gwp. Maybe even a black vip card exclusive, which would be really dirty. On that subject, the whole black vip card is dirty. Halfway through the year and only one month of double vip. Nothing else, not even for may 4th apparantly, which is literally one of the two biggest lego days of the year. Messed up is what it is.
  9. I assumed it was still coming. It's also supposed to be the first minifigure appearance of nien numb
  10. Trailer wasn't bad. Any news on black VIP card promotions? I didn't see any.
  11. Yes they did. It was in a lego ideas reveal when none of the contenders won. When the "I am your father" model came up, they said some models are too close to what we're already developing. They've said other little things in other places, too. Yes and no. Say you were ten then, and now you'd be 29. I would expect someone of this age to be married or close to it, and with a good job and a means to support themselves. However, I wouldn't expect someone of this age to have kids. When that happens, your significant disposable income miraculously disappears. It's only until you've had a kid for a few years can you begin to enjoy certain little things again. I'd say, maybe 35ish. We got another few years, I think. IMOP. But we're far off topic. How about no early y-wing release for vip's?
  12. Some very reliable sources have spoken about a cloud city, and lego themselves have made a few blunder's here and there that are heavily leaning towards cloud city. I never said for dead certain we're getting cloud city, but there's a heck of a lot of evidence towards it. More than a star destroyer. If you're going to say otherwise, I think some detail on your commentary is warrented. However, the guy that pinned down the taj mahal rerelease did say we were getting a star destroyer due for release . . . in february. Point is, rumors aren't always reliable, but some work out while others don't.
  13. Actually, I think a pattern exists for the fall UCS sets. For example, the their was a falcon on the death star (fall set) in 2016, and on the falcon box there was cloud city, which we all know we'll get this year. I don't see a pattern for the may the 4th sets.
  14. Same. I think it'll go really fast. Hopefuly not like saturn v or god forbid the falcon . . .