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  1. Could not agree with you more. The helmet is god awful and I legit think the minifig head with the hood version is ten times better. Shame it's only in the shuttle set.
  2. First of all, this is a star wars thread, and like the moderators have said (clearly and bluntly I might add) we should stick to star wars for 2018. More importantly, Harry Potter books aren't childrens books :)
  3. Just made my y wing purchase. At first, it showed me getting a darth vader pod, then when I went to check out it showed the bb8 polybag. I saw a guy on reddit get both. Lucky it went through though.
  4. How fast do you y'all expect the y wing to sell out? I'm making my purchase at midnight easter standard time, and I'm wondering how many others are doing the same thing.
  5. No prob. I'll post later today. Till then, all y'all should check this out: http://www.suave.net/~dave/cgi/scale.cgi It's the website used by brickvault.
  6. So the Rogue one set is 48 cm long and the new ucs is 61 cm long. If the new one is 7 cm longer than "minifig scale," than the other one is 6 cm shorter than minifig scale. I didn't come up with the 7 cm long difference though. *update* Having done some more math, I've come up with another few simulations. If you treat a minifigure as the average height of a male human (6 ft), then you have a ratio of 4 cm to 6 ft. With the length of a y wing at 77 feet, the length of a "minifig scale" y wing should be between 51 cm and 53 cm. :/ Using the calculator recommended by brickvault, you'll get a length of 54 cm for a perfect ratio with a 77 foot y wing, which would put the ucs model at exactly 7 cm longer than minifig scale. I tested it with the new ucs falcon, and its not perfect "minifig scale" either, for it's 4 cm longer than minifig scale. Proportions on minifigures aren't exactly human, so overall the whole issue is tough to gauge. Tbh, its a fantasitc looking model and I'll be getting it regardless. I hope this puts to rest the issue about it being minifig scale or not.
  7. I've had the same thought about collecting only minifig scale, but I'll still stick to larger scale sets too. I'll keep my red five ucs but I do plan on getting the x wing from this summer. As for this discussion and official word from lego, numerous individuals, including myself, have linked the definition to the instructions and designer video of slave I. Numerous others have said that the y wing is closest to minfig scale but a little bit too big. Anything more than that is just restating what we've all already said.
  8. in the slave I instructions, there is a description/ mention of minifig scale by the designer in the interview. I don't have it with me currently, but lego acknowledges minifig scale as there being a proportionate ratio between minifig to human and model to ship
  9. You're right on that last part especially. The new x wing this summer is minifig scale, and is two thirds the size of the ucs version.
  10. For all those wondering, the y wing is indeed larger than "minifig scale," but it is closer than the rogue one set from last year. Minifig scale refers to the best possible ratio between the size of a minifigure as compared to a human and the size of the model as compared to the thing in "real life." If both ratio's match up (Or get close) it is minifig scale. The 2010 imperial shuttle, both ucs falcon's, slave I, and the new y wing (I would consider. It's, as I've heard, about 7 cm off minifig scale) are minifig scale under this definition. The x ying, b wing, and tie fighter UCS sets are about 1.5 times bigger than minifif scale, and the snowspeeder (im guessing on a whim for this one) is approximately 2.5 times bigger than minifig scale.
  11. I don't advocate for handing out extra cash to get models. I'm saying people shouldn't have to do so to get a model they want to purchase. I agree one should be able to use it as an investment, but I don't agree with people who solely use it for that and rob the chance for real fans to purchase the model on day one. I felt that way when I wanted to purchase the falcon last year and wasn't able to till november, yet I saw people who had never done anything with lego before snag a model for investment purposes only.
  12. I also agree, but the amount of positive comments legitimately concerns me. I'm honestly afraid that they are going to sell out in minutes like the falcon. I've seen comments about people expecting to buy multiple copies, and to be quite frank, I can't stand the investors who buy just to make a buck while true fans miss out. I really hope lego prepared adequately.
  13. Interesting to see. I'll have to do some digging . . .
  14. No official confimation, but it's heavily assumed it's from Cloud City. TBH, I didn't think it was more impressive than the one from UCS Slave I. I would assume it's guesswork. The way he said "hello 28-30 stud long slave I" makes it sound like a wish for what he'd want in the set. As far as I've seen, there hasn't been any descriptions floating around whatsoever. We should expect to see leaks of it in July.
  15. This is what I was refering to when to I said lego had official press releases that hinted at it. Speculation was the "I am your father" project was the project that interfered with a pre-existing lego model, which would have been cloud city for this year.