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    HELP! ! !

    Oh yeah, that's it! I didn't realize that I may sound like there's some technical problem (e.g. the things that you've proposed). It's just a design issue, buttons are drown in a visual smog.
  2. Aine

    HELP! ! !

    Uhm, does it really matter? The top panel is full of colored lego things and the buttons are invisible in that mess.
  3. Aine

    HELP! ! !

    The main Eurobricks panel is... idk how to tell it... unreasonable. I cannot read or click anything, the Create new content, Notifications, Massages buttons, everything is drown in a visual smog.
  4. Aine


    Very nice ship, indeed.
  5. Wonderful I'd love to see them in fleshies, but to each his own! You made a great job with this, and I guess that you've spent hours before finding all the possible parts!
  6. Aine

    MOC - Imperial Senate Building

    Wow, this is amazing!
  7. I thought about lego animals. There are lots of them already, although some of them are rare, namely goat (and to some extent cow), but one is missing - I'd love to see megablocks. I mean: donkey! :-) That'll be cool!
  8. Aine

    [MOC] Europa

    Beautiful ship!
  9. Yep, you are right, both of you. Clips are no longer used, and some kind of holder would be amazing!
  10. It's official: Lego cannot design a reasonable sword if their lives depended on it. I hoped that 66964 would be useful, but it's once again a clumsy oversized weapon that cannot be hanged from the saddle. Maybe next time.
  11. Aine

    [MOC] Voyage of the Fyrdraca

    Yeah... Wonderful ship, indeed! edit: and the story unfolds nicely, too!
  12. Aine

    [MOC] Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse

    Amazing MOC! Old school feeling, clean design, very nice!
  13. Aine

    The Ride of the Rohirrim

    I know, I know... :-(
  14. Aine

    The Ride of the Rohirrim

    This woulb be an insanely useful, epically beautiful small set! Why can't lego design anything like that anymore?
  15. Aine

    [MOC[ The Exiled Warlord

    Very nice! I really like the boat!
  16. Aine

    [MOC] Lord Jens' Pocket Castle

    Nice build! Lots of different possible setups, and cool design overall. The only thing that I'd change are the door, they should open the other way, but I guess you made it like this due to space considerations.
  17. Amazing castle, it's a perfect size, and very nicely, cleanly built.
  18. Aine

    [MOC] Medieval Guard House

    Nice one! A dummy dude would be cool, also well is always well. What about crenelations? It's practical, and it would make the building more real.
  19. @MAB Hm, I never thought about that. This could make me rethink a few ideas, but mostly it makes me sad that they discontinued the old plastic capes. I'd love to have them in other colours, namely in green, but laos some kind of chestnut colour, grey, or violet.
  20. Sadly, this is true. It's common with every similar torso print, and it lowers their usefulness. However, I'll wait until I'll hold one torso in my hand. :-)
  21. Wow, what a cool and beautiful MOC!
  22. Aine

    [MOC] Lego Ideas - Castle Bridge Stone

    Yeah, beautiful MOC! So many nice figs! Me likey!