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  1. Larrynautik

    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    - Star Wars Ewok Village - Lego The Movie Pirate Ship - Some Lego The Movie sets - Star Wars AT-AT - Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina - Maybe the Star Destroyer if there are enough imperial minigifures, especially the Stormtroopers - Star Wars Coruscant Police Ship - Minifigures on Bricklink - The Simpsons Collectible Minifigures if they are good enough But I will wait for discounts on all these sets.
  2. Larrynautik

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I must admit that I really like this set. A very big house with a lot of minifigures, good job here. I'm curious to see the inside of the basement. I'll take it as soon as it's on the shelves.
  3. Larrynautik

    Why is 41999 NOT worth buying

    Lol I totally agree
  4. The vehicle makes me laugh. Figs are great. Will not purchase this... for such a price !
  5. This story is truely incredible. He just wanted to see the Toronto skyline display. Very bad point for Lego here ! I would sent this guy a free set if I had his address.
  6. Larrynautik

    Ameribricks: Shocking News Here

    I buy the domain name immediately. You'll not got me twice :D Seriously, don't do such jokes, I almost had a heart attack lol
  7. Larrynautik

    AmeriBricks: It's up to YOU

    It's not April the first, today... What is this joke about renaming Eurobricks "Ameribricks" ? And this fake vote where you can only vote yes or yes ? I don't feel very american, you know, as I love France, my country, and I'lm european. Call this Occident Bricks and everyone will be happy. This kind of takeover over an international community is a shame. If you wanna stay together on your very own private forum, europeans can leave, it's not a problem. We will create our own European Forums where you will not be autorized to connect. We can also start to boycott Bricklink vendors that are not europeans, what do you think about this cool idea ? For the moment I'm also thinking about all these people from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Asia and "non-american" areas. Don't know why you decided such a change, but excuse my outspokenness, it's the most stupid idea I've seen for a long time.
  8. Larrynautik

    Ever found a piece that doesn't belong in a set?

    It happened once to me, in King's Castle ; a slope replaced by an inverted slope, in the same color. So, I had one uncorrect brick on 150k bricks owned :D
  9. Larrynautik

    What are you reading?

    I just finished reading "Spin", by Robert Charles Wilson. A very realistic story, despite the fact that it is science-fiction. The writer has really an incredible talent ! I don't know what I will read now. Probably an other sci-fi novel !
  10. Welcome to Eurobricks ! And, yes, as an european, I know where Wisconsin is : between New York and San Francisco but this forum is not for europeans only : everybody is welcomed here !
  11. Larrynautik

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I watched Battleship recently. It is a movie full of explosions, heavy weapons and patriotism, but I really appreciated it, because it's really done to have a good time watching impressive scenes with a touch of basic humor. A massive blockbuster full of clichés without any philosophical or spiritual pretentiousness
  12. Larrynautik

    Funny/embarrassing moments

    One of my friends went in a night club with me and other people we knew. He drank a little too much and felt unconscious behind our wall seat, and nobody noticed it. I thought he had left in car with someone else. In fact, he awoke in the morning, around 7 AM, alone in the night club, no music, no other light than the sun. He took his mobile phone and called his parents, but when walking alone on the closed night club he activated the silent alarm. The night club owner, living in the house in front of his night club, believed he was a robber and arrived with a gun and shouted at him to lay down to the ground. My friend was totally terrified and had to explain everything to an overexcited night club owner. A very unpleasant moment for him ! My personnal worst moment happened when I saw one of my friends discussing with two other guys in the middle of the street. I went and saluted him, and tried to shake hands to one of the guy he was talking to. The guy just looked at me as if I was a martian and said "It's the police. You're a friend of this guy ? Show me your papers please." Of course they were policemen wearing civilian clothes and my friend was accused of stealing a motorbike (What was not true in fact, after investigation)
  13. Larrynautik

    French Spanish Skirmish

    I really appreciate the visual aspect of this scene and the nice use of the baseplate The jungle is well represented too with a lot of plants, and the minifigs used are realistic (I really like the conquistadores' golden helmet). The fortress walls are a success too with the use of these big printed parts !
  14. Larrynautik

    What are you reading?

    I'm reading Vestiges, by Laurence Sunher (Switzerland), a science-fiction novel that takes place on a ice planet called Gemma. It's quite interesting, despite some problems of meaning in the text (I think it's a new writer). I also secretly read Twilight at work (and I am a man )
  15. Larrynautik

    If LEGO wasn't draining your wallet....

    Wow it costs 4.400$ Less expesive than a new car however