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  1. Manybricks

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Nah, no progressive control. It's two cylinders linked together, and run by power functions. The set is very very small. It would barely be more than 30cm's long, and maybe about 13cm's tall, with very little body. The functions are average at best, and price has been heavily inflated from having PF & 2 cylinders. It's no better than the ew160e, but feels a lot smaller. Even on discount, it's not a set i'll be picking up as the size and functions are just not on par with other sets of this year (Mack Truck or off Road Crane)
  2. Manybricks

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    You're correct, it does have the large rings for the BWE, but in Black. I've seen and played with it, and it is one hell of a monster. I haven't been this excited for a set in a long long time, and I think this set will become my favorite technic set of all time. The boom reaches 1 metre from the ground when fully extended. The other sets in this release are a bit lacklustre, the Harvester being the worst, and most poorly priced. It is very small. The Automated Volvo is cool, but functions are a bit average. The forklift is really nice, however slightly pricey. It feels a bit more like a creator set, but with technic functions, as opposed to a technic set. Nothing on the Bugatti yet! :(