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  1. They will throw everything they can in there to justify the price
  2. You guys ever wonder why they’ve been so oddly quiet about this set? Since the teaser half a year ago there was nothing. Don’t they want to build up hype anymore? I mean it clearly backfired with the bugatti, but they worked on their proportions this time around and hopefully on the functions too, the doors and bodywork in general were an embarrassment and the gearbox not only lost it’s charm through the new pieces that took the magic away but also just the uselessness of it. I mean let’s be honest here if the car isn’t motorized i couldn’t care less about the pistons of the engine moving in slightly different speeds if i push the car around. Instead they should have focused on the visible stuff like the suspension work of @brunojj1 P1 for instance. That for me is way more fun! Which i guess they did this time around (at least better proportions, the functions will probably still be an embarrassment). The render we’ve seen here will match up to 99% with the original model, i’m sure of it. The rims, mirrors and color will be different, but the rest pretty much the same. Which is a shame tbh, because why pick a car model you cannot build with your existing pieces (Just saying that they can’t, some of you would have done a much better job in their position), only to design multiple new panels/ pieces just for the thing to resemble the real one? I mean it’s obvious, they want to have a reason this time around to justify the price of 380€. 10 cents per piece in a technic model directly from Lego... uhh that hurts, seeing as half of it will be pins anyways. The instructions will probably be 5000 pages again and the front and back will again be colorcoded because we don’t know how a car looks like so the insides have to be colorful so we don’t lose ourselves in the instructions and know if we are building it correctly, pathetic. They desperately try to compete with the stunning MOCs we see here and on rebrickable, but they keep on failing. I guess the new unique panels are also a way to stand out in this community, but we’ll never know for sure. If you have to go the “Playmobil-way”, the point of building with Lego disappears. Just my two cents.
  3. Gotta give them props tho, 6+ is a perfect description of their fckt up business... Its cheap af & their sets sure as hell fell like that
  4. They always put in more... (not talking from experience, pls don’t kill me)
  5. I’d be interested in the last pages of the instruction book where the functions are explained ;)
  6. @Jaromir The grey tool you can see in the instructions next to the bag is the car key in scale to a real life chiron. (got intel from my lego store)
  7. The grey tool you can see in the instructions next to the bag is the car key in scale to a real life chiron. (got intel from my lego store)
  8. Haha have a great one m8
  9. Regarding their choice of color for the exterior: The complete backside should be darkblue (apart from the grids which are already black) as well as the front fender, which is black in this set for whatever reason. I have checked this issue with multiple pictures of the real car (even from their website) and the color black is literally only used in grids throughout the car. Any Ideas why Lego chose black over darkblue?
  10. I don’t think you’re too crazy to expect this from Lego... I mean it’s a Bugatti we are talking about here for gods sake! They sure as hell do have high expectations over there.
  11. Exactly! Hence this whole “holes debacle”
  12. Come on man! As if TLG would do extra work to get rid of “some holes”. I’m furious when they charge big money for cutting corners and not putting extra work into a model of this magnitude.
  13. Well... it has nearly 900 more pieces