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    I'm still interested in Lego and I'd say the themes that, overall, had the most impact on me would be Bionicle and Star Wars. Not a particularly big SW buff or anything, but I enjoyed the setting and I found the movies really fun way back when, and still do to this day. Otherwise I just write, basically.


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  1. The speeder bike looks lovely, if I can I'll try to pick one of those up at some point. Still kicking myself a bit for never getting Phasma, since I don't even see that set around anymore x.x
  2. Loki

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    It's hard to think within the realm of possibility for me; there's so many franchises, stories, out there I love and adore and would absolutely feel excited to see as a Lego theme. Zoids is one I keep thinking about, although I'm sure they're licensed under other companies, Medabots would be another, but same issue -- I think Hasbro owns their toy licensing? Or did at some point? I know a lot of Wizards of the Coast things would technically be off limits due to Hasbro, but I do think about how neat a Magic: The Gathering theme could potentially be (albeit I'm unsure if, even if they had the ability, if they would since MtG is more or less considered rated T and is based around a game that has a lot of fairly dark, gruesome lore and themes that run through the various stories of each Plane iteration they go through --- then again, LoTR kinda has some similar stuff within its own lore, so). But, within the realm of possibility, Overwatch would be an interesting theme, I think. Provided Blizzard gave the go-ahead, but with the large variety of characters and designs present in the game itself it could be interesting? Since, like, you have standard robotic characters like Zenyatta, along with Giant Knight with Massive Hammer (Reinhardt), not to exclude D.VA with her mecha suit, and so on. There's a lot of scenery and maps, the game itself is E for Everyone and has a more lighthearted, inclusive approach to its own vision.
  3. Loki

    What are you listening to?

    "My Dragons Will Decimate" -- Machinae Supremacy, Into the Night World.
  4. Loki

    Emoji Movie

    Since it's coming out in August, and looks particularly terrible, I ended up daring my girlfriend to go watch it with me while BFVA is going on at some point. If nothing else, it'll be a memory of its own.
  5. Loki

    What will replace Bionicle?

    I'm not sure if anything will come to fully replace. Maybe? Some new version of Hero Factory, maybe if TLG feels it would be a good idea, a new story after the second story abruptly closed. I sort of... doubt they'll revisit the theme wholly again, so I kinda feel like some evolution (ie: like Slizers before Bionicle, and... if I remember correctly, I think Roboriders were before Slizers? I might be off on that). To me, the overall constraction figure theme seems to be the replacement (like the constraction figure Star Wars sets, for example). They could branch out these types of sets to other themes, which I imagine would ultimately be what would come to replace the old Bionicle theme, if anything. I mean I could be wrong, just sorta how I feel it'll play out.
  6. Loki

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Usually I play PvP/Multiplayer games so: League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, FFXIV from time to time, Paragon occasionally. For single player titles I'm still in Pokemon Moon, and I've been trying to sit down to play Final Fantasy XV sometime, just keep forgetting or end up listening to music/watching movies with the girlfriend.
  7. Loki

    Your Lost Lego

    Oh yes, actually. Like, way back when I used to have one of the older Slave I sets and I ended up losing the Boba Fett figure that came with it (moved a lot, basically). When I was... I think I was at BrickFair VA? One of the years, I came across one and thought "oh, maybe I can replace the one I lost" and then looked at the price tag. Can't remember the exact number, it was... $20 - $50? And for me, that's... I'm not a collector of minifigs and I tend to just get some if I like them, and $10 tends to be a bit on the pricey side for me hahaha.
  8. Oh, the Scout Trooper & Speederbike sounds pretty cool for a set. For some reason I didn't think they'd go for something like that, but I'm pretty happy and I might try to pick that up? It seems pricey, though that's probably to be expected as vehicle sets weren't historically too cheap in cost.
  9. Okay, this thread got me thinking a bit about themes I like currently and themes I'd like to see going forward. I mean, I really love the Elves line even if I never bought sets from it (to be fair I haven't bought Lego sets in a long while). The colors are extremely pretty, vibrant and the setting is fun -- I'm also a sucker for magic, fantasy and elves, so it all sort of works to my tastes pretty nicely. But, I would find it pretty cool if they did a theme similar to Exo-Force? Again? I'm not sure if there actually is such a theme around currently, but I couldn't think of one that's active or find one. Large mechs are a second big weakness I have and, with Lego, I always felt they were pretty cool, fun, and interesting in terms of their design and what you could do with them. It doesn't have to follow the story of Exo-Force, but that was a theme I got really into back when. I always just enjoyed these sorts of settings and themes; giant mecha units, pilots, engineers and so on. I always did feel a particular... well, I like Gundam a lot so whenever I think of these things my mind goes there. Or even something influenced with Gurren Lagann's overall style (at least initially, since the first... I want to say half of the first season? I mean, it doesn't take itself superbly seriously all the time and there's a lot of fun in the animations and how their mech designs interact with each other). I dunno, I kinda just thought a little and recalled that old line and kinda missed it. And it's not too hard to create a story around the concept, or find a means to form up a unique, identifiable concept for the actual sets themselves even with the genre existing and being... I'd say it's still fairly popular. Most people know what I'm talking about when I talk about various series in that specific brand of science fiction and they all generally have their own styles for not only story telling, but design itself.
  10. Loki

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I rewatched Boy Meets Girl the other day, actually. Still find it really relatable on a lot of aspects, and there's not too many movies produced with trans women in them. Overall, it's a cute movie, even if I cry at a lot of parts because it brings back a lot of emotions and memories.
  11. Loki

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch seems kind of interesting? I'm not really sold on it, personally, though a pretty good friend of mine decided to pre-order it so I'll see what his opinions are with the system and the available titles as its life goes on. Mostly, I heard of a Fire Emblem title which would be fun, even if I'd be too nervous to take the portable side of this thing out anywhere... and I tend to play games like FE on a DS/3DS anyhow. I'm interested to see what all goes to it, since there were a lot of games that seem to have the possibility to be adapted for it.
  12. Loki

    LEGO Star Wars Quiz

    I don't usually know many SW characters, like Asajj Ventress. But I was able to get an 88% on it overall, which is largely just knowledge from watching the movies and not doing much else, haha.
  13. Loki

    Girls, stand up !

    Sooooooooooooooooo I'm under the assumption all I really need to do is post here, yeah? Buuuuuuuut yeah, I'm a woman, I like Lego; even if I don't post around here too often, but I lurk a fair bit from time to time. Thanks~
  14. Loki

    Whats your opinion?

    I never really got sets from these lines besides Galidor and Belville, but Belville was kinda fun for me. Lots of really bright, pretty colors that weren't so common to see around and... at the time I don't recall them being terribly expensive, even if some of the sets were pretty small. Only thing I didn't like much were the figures (then again, I really gravitated to like, the Star Wars sets as far as minifigures went? I didn't like most others quite as much when I was younger). Galidor/Galidor McD's stuff were like, weird. I didn't actually realize they were Lego products back then just because of how different they were, but they were interesting and have their own charm I guess? Probably harder to actually use in an overall "I want to make things" way, but they're sort of fun to have if there's some small bit of nostalgia or like, wanting to actually see what they were first hand. I always hesitate to straight up call them terrible, since as like, on their own, they were definitely not the worst toys I was able to get when I was really young. I never owned the rest, though the Ben 10... at least the constructable figures didn't... look so bad? I have no idea how they were, but back when I thought they at least seemed kinda interesting. But Jack Stone/Dora/Znap/Scala never owned any of them. I'd say if you're looking for like "which was probably the worst" I'd put my money more on Galidor than the rest. Dora's just Dora, not really better/worse than the Spongebob sets and plenty of kids probably enjoyed it. Galidor was just a weird departure from like, what Lego does way back when and it was... I'm pretty sure it was their theme? I know it had a TV series, but I vaguely recall that being produced by Lego. The story was kind of a mess, the sets were so... strange? Comparatively, it wasn't like a beloved children's cartoon or anything, etc... and it wasn't easily recognizable as like, their product.
  15. Oh, that's awesome! Not going to lie a part of me is jealous, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun and that's what's worth it. The mask is utterly beautiful as well and hearkens back pretty nicely to G1 Gali's old, old translucent Kaukau (I was always sad when the masks were solid colors for the Ga-Toa )