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  1. Andy98

    NYCC Green Lantern 2011 Questions

    Thanks guys. After more examination, it does appear to not be a genuine NYCC Green Lantern. I agree with you both that too many things are wrong. All the printing is slightly off(back especially) and the printing is raised. I'll contact the seller and see what we can work out. On a totally completely different note, Anyone want to buy a totally legitimate NYCC 2011 green lantern for $5???
  2. Andy98

    NYCC Green Lantern 2011 Questions

    Thanks for your response! I uploaded some photos. All parts have the Lego logo and I'm thinking that maybe I just cant find the head piece on BL? All parts feel authentic and details are incredible. I honestly don't really know what to make of this figure. -Andy IMG_5959 by Andrew Gill, on Flickr IMG_5973 by Andrew Gill, on Flickr IMG_5975 by Andrew Gill, on Flickr
  3. Hey, I need some help with verifying/authenticating a NYCC 2011 Green Lantern. I got this minifigure from a private seller in Pennsylvania who said he went to the NYCC and got this minifigure. All completely normal until I received the minifigure today, where upon I discovered it was missing its second face. It has the smirking face on one side and nothing on the other. The smirking face appears to be the exact same as the ones in pictures but I don't have another physical one to compare it to. All the parts of the minifigure have the Lego logo on them including the head. The seller also didn't provide the original card claims to have lost it. My questions are: 1. Does anyone with the 2011 Green Lantern have a missing face? 2. If not, is this one a fake or a misprint? 3. How do I upload photos? Says I can't upload photos beyond a certain size? Thanks! Andy
  4. Andy98

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Wow, Just wow.
  5. Andy98

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Yeh, Lego has been getting better with the stickers on the speed champs but I still could go without. I get you x105Black, I do like the ability of the stickers to pick and choose what goes on. I guess my main complaint with stickered cars is the headlights. I just wish that all lego car headlights are either printed or brick built. The racers Ferrari Enzo 8652 is the most best use of stickers to me. The headlights were printed and the car's lines were all brick built. The set without stickers looks great: completely recognizable and beautiful. The stickers were then used to highlight and add additional detail. I didn't apply mine but I assume it looks even better. I know it's not fair to compare a set on that scale to the speed champions but in my ideal Lego world that's how it'd be: basic form from bricks only then additional nonessential detailing from stickers.
  6. Andy98

    Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    Top 5: #1 AMG GT3 — Love the ability to change from track mode to street most useful side build #2 Ford GT set — two great builds of two iconic cars #3 Chevy Camaro Drag Race — Whats not to like? #4 Bugatti Chiron — displays well and should be fun to put next to the new upcoming Technic Chiron #5 Ford Raptor & Hot Rod set — mainly just for the Raptor, hope they do more trucks!
  7. Andy98

    Rotating Meat

    Love it! Great use of droid arms lol!
  8. Stunning model! Like Johnny though, I wish you had more contrast on the car. But nevertheless a spectacular model in a great color!
  9. Very Nice! Wish TLG did this kind of thing with Speed Champions. You captured the vette's shape very well.
  10. Andy98

    Hello from a lurking member

    Epic Batcave!
  11. Andy98

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    I don't care much for the LEGO Bricks vs. LEGOs argument. I think it's a waste of time and at the end of the day doesn't matter. For sure my #1 pet peeve is stickers. I understand that TLG needs to use stickers where LEGO bricks just don't cut it for certain details but why so many... As a car guy, I love pretty much all LEGO sets that have anything to do with vehicles. Speed champions have proved to be one of my favorite current themes because well I just love those little cars. What irks me about those cars is the dependence on stickers to make the cars look good and resemble the real cars. Most of those cars without any stickers would basically be unrecognizable. I think it's just a little cheap on TLG's part and wish they just put a little more effort into making the actual LEGO parts make the set versus a bunch of stickers. Also placing them is a pain and a half.
  12. Love that ship. Definitely my favorite out of all the gunships cause it comes with Jedi Bob! My favorite set of the current line up has been the Nasa Rocket 21309 and of all time the Republic Venator Class Cruiser 8039. Was a ton of fun to play with and a challenging build for my younger self plus displays great!
  13. Andy98

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thought Lego's joke was funny lol. Wish something like it did exist though...
  14. Beautiful design, looks like the real thing!
  15. Beautiful! Looks like 2nd generation Lamborghini Gallardo with LFA exhaust tips!